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Software Review: The New Corel Painter 2019 Walks Softly and Carries a Big Stick

June 29, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Painting from imagination by Karen Sperling using the new brushes in Corel Painter 2019.

The new Corel Painter 2019 is a quiet yet powerful upgrade to the world's gold-standard painting software and I can highly recommend it.

Instead of adding a bunch of stuff you don't need just to have something to promote, Corel rolled up its sleeves, got under Painter's hood and improved performance.

So while it walks softly, that is, there aren't a zillion bells and whistles to scream about, it carries a big stick in terms of getting the job done.

Some of these under-the-hood improvements include:

• An updated user interface. The backgrounds for the palettes, windows and screen are all dark, now, and some 650 of the program's icons have been redesigned.

• A boost in performance and speed, with AVX2-compatible systems users enjoying 38% faster document rendering when zooming, panning, and rotating; as well as brushes that can be up to 75% faster and an enhanced Brush Ghost that offers a seamless stroke experience with zero lag, according to Corel.

This video shows the interface changes and a look at the brush speed:

• 36 new brushes, including a new Stamps brush category and new variants in the Selections, Airbrushes, Blenders, Dab Stencils, Glazing, Real Watercolor, Real Wet Oil, Sargent and Thick Paint brush categories. This is the walking softly I alluded to--when you first open Painter 2019, your first thought is, only 36 new brushes? But I took them for a spin and found them to be great. All the brushes from previous versions are also included so new users will have plenty to keep them busy and veteran Painters will enjoy the additional brushes alongside their old favorites.

Painting based on a photo by Karen Sperling using the new brushes in Corel Painter 2019.

• New Temporal Colors Selector and sliders in the Color panel. You can resize and reposition the Temporal Colors Selector to easily grab colors. If you're a numbers person, then you'll love the new sliders in the Colors panel that let you set your colors instead of having to choose them by eyeballing them in the hue ring and triangle.

• Improved touch control for panning, zooming and rotating.

• Enhanced click-and-drag magnifier control.

I think this upgrade is well worth the price of admission. It makes Painter feel more sturdy and responsive and is a welcomed improvement in usability.

Visit this page to download Corel Painter 2019. You can get the full version for $329 by entering my Painter Elite Master code, ELITEKS.

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