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Corel Painter 2016 Book New Foreword

March 26, 2016  •  1 Comment

Paintings and design by Karen Sperling based on photographs by Sterling Hoffman.

I have been working on a new Corel Painter 2016 book, Painting for Photographers Volume 3.
I invited professional photographer Sterling Hoffman to write the book's Foreword and he just completed it. I am honored that he wrote the Foreword and humbled by his kind words.
Here's what he wrote:
Webster’s defines “artist” as “a person who creates art: a person who is skilled at drawing, painting…a skilled performer.”
Karen Sperling has made a career out of being an exceptional artist.
I am a photographic portrait artist and had the good fortune to meet Karen through my circle of friends and colleagues in the photography industry several years ago. There was an instant connection. What fascinated me about her was her passion. Passion in her words—passion in her ideas. A true artist has a burning desire to create and to leave their creations for the enjoyment of generations to follow. Hers is art that fills the viewer’s soul with love and pride.
I was looking for an artist to paint my portraits. But not just any painter; I wanted someone who was more than a technician. I desired someone who understood the nuances of color and detail while having an appreciation and respect for my work as if it were her own.
There is a huge opportunity for today’s photographers to embrace painted portraits. The rewards are both financial and aesthetic. Working with Karen to digitally paint and then embellish with oils my canvas prints enables me to offer these masterpieces to my clients for far more than I could a basic photographic portrait. The enhancements raise the value as clients marvel at this new hybrid art form that renders the portrait with all the beauty and charm of a traditional oil painting and with the realism of photography.
But Karen goes beyond being a stellar painter! She is also an educator. There are those who have knowledge and want to keep it to themselves and there are those who have knowledge and want to pay it forward. Karen is an author and educator, writing books for those wishing to emulate her skills and conducting workshops for those wishing hands-on experience. Her latest book, “Painting for Photographers Volume 3,” will serve as a teaching manual and a reference for aspiring, amateur and professional artists alike.
Enjoy, learn, grow and profit!
Sterling Hoffman
Sterling Portraits, LLC
Thank you, Sterling, for the great Foreword!
Painting for Photographers Volume 3 is being made possible by the kind support of readers who have pledged financing toward the book in advance of its publication. In return, they have been receiving .pdf pages as they become available and will receive the printed book when it is published.
There's still time to join in the fun and to help get Painting for Photographers Volume 3 published.
Visit this page for more information.
Thank you to all the supporters of Painting for Photographers Volume 3!


Sal Ahmed(non-registered)
Your Painting for photographers it's sound great karen. I'cant wait to get my copy.Good luck in your final process. I look forward for your live workshop regarding painting for photographers. I do loves your Panting images their awesome.

Sal Ahmed
Tacoma, WA
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