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Choosing Learning Materials

October 08, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Hand-Painted Portrait of SistersHand-Painted Portrait of SistersPainting by Karen Sperling based on her photo.


I have been slowly transitioning from my old websites to this one and I'm not completely done, yet, but I'm getting there.

One thing that has happened in the transition has been the streamlining of my Corel Painter instructional materials web pages.

I have had my artistrymag.com website since 1997 and as a result, the kinds of instructional materials have changed over the years with the growth of technology. I began by offering a printed magazine, Artistry, which is where the artistrymag.com name came from. Then I began offering Artistry as pdfs on CD's when pdf's became popular, then when the internet started to take off I started to offer pdf's as downloads. Then came videos and first I offered them on DVD's and then as downloads as our internet access got faster and better able to handle them. In between all this, I have always taught in-person classes and published printed books.

Now as I transition to this spiffy modern website, several things have become clear.

My previous books and my upcoming book are more popular than ever. The previous books were written for Corel Painter version 12 and still apply to the more recent versions, namely X3, 2015 and 2016 because the interface is the same. I have decided to write a new book now because Painter 2016 has some great new brushes and features and because I have some great new techniques for turning photos into paintings for everyone. It's interesting that books were the first phase of my various Painter instructional offerings and they still remain a viable learning tool for photographers and hobbyists interested in finding out how to use Painter.

Something else that has become clear to me in the updating of my website has been how important in-person and online classes and videos and private lessons have become. I would say that years ago, most people turned to books for learning how to use software like Corel Painter and while it's still true today, I would also say that large numbers of people rely on online and in-person classes, videos and private lessons to help them to get the most out of Painter. And not everyone learns the same way. While some would rather have the long-term experience of an online master class, others would like information in quick fixes, while still others would prefer videos and classes in between.

In the case of Corel Painter learning materials, one size definitely doesn't fit all, and maybe with this new site, it will be easier to find the instructional materials that will help you in your goal for learning to turn photos into paintings in Corel Painter. Please get in touch with me with the contact info below with questions about what would be the best way for you to learn Painter-I'm happy to help you to decide!

Happy painting!



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