Karen Sperling's Artistry Reviews

Karen Sperling's Brushes Make Painting Easier

Painting by Katie Katsenis based on her photo.
You may ask, "Why should I buy more brushes when Corel Painter comes with gads and gads of them"?
And that is a good question. Why? Because it makes your life easier to have brushes designed by an artist like Karen Sperling whose look and styles are something you want to emulate.
Sure, you can use Corel's brushes. But you will add many hours to your workflow making adjustments, and blending and blending and blending to get the same look that Karen Sperling's brushes give you practically right away.
Of course, every artist has their own look, and so you make adjustments to the opacity or the resat or the stroke jitter. But the basic brush that Karen made is so much closer to what you want a brush to do than almost all of the default Corel Brushes.
Take Cream Color. It is in the Artistry Brushes Volume #7. The basic stroke is already painterly looking. I find that the brushes that come with the program are generally too loud. What I mean by that is, they do too much of an effect. They either are too heavy, or add too much jitter, or they are a special effects brush that makes everything look like fur or pixie dust. And those are fun, for sure. But when you are a working artist, doing commissioned paintings for clients, you need brushes that work and don't need to be adapted extensively. Because even if you do adapt a brush how you like, if you don't save it, you won't be able to recreate that look again.
Save yourself the headache. Let veteran artist Karen Sperling make the brushes so you can focus on your work and making your clients happy.
Katie Katsenis

Highly Recommends Karen Sperling's Clear Explanations
Several years ago, I discovered Corel Painter. Although I love teaching myself new programs, I was a little intimidated. Frustrated by my inability to grasp the magnitude of this program, I found Karen's website and subscribed to Artistry Magazine (even purchasing back issues!). That was a good beginning, but I decided the best way for me to learn was to sign up for one of her workshops; so I flew to California for a week of hands on training in an Artistry Retreat. That class opened my eyes to all the possibilities for creating art without intimidation, and it was really fun, too!
After setting it aside for a couple of years (life gets so busy sometimes), I decided to start back up again and purchased Karen's Impressionist Landscapes video class and went back to work. She has such a clear way of explaining concepts and techniques, and she made relearning so much easier for me.
I recently discovered she is offering a 3-month Master Class, so I just had to sign up for that and continue my education and enhance my skills with Painter.
I've bought books and videos from other Painter experts, but their materials are more about how the program functions than how to actually use it to create art. So I always come back to Karen to learn the principles and how to put them into action. I can't recommend her highly enough.
Thanks, Karen, for sharing your knowledge and talents with the rest of us!

Karen Sperling Combines Artistic Talent with Corel Painter Expertise

I'm positively addicted to turning photos to paintings and have been using Corel Painter for a few years, but was missing the art and color theory to take my paintings to the next level. I have found that Karen Sperling's online classes and tutorials not only teach art and color theory, but they are also chock full of tips and tricks that can only be taught by someone who possesses Karen's artistic talent combined with her expertise using Corel. Her courses are instructionally sound and easy to follow. Can't wait to begin the online master class!
Dyan Dupont
eLearning Content Developer
Dupont Learning, LLC

Karen Sperling Makes It Easy for Photographers to Get Started with Painting
I'm a photographer and I want to learn to turn photos into paintings. I saw your Kindle at Amazon and it was the only one that did that in a form that was easy for photographers to get started. I liked the other examples I saw of your work and I wanted a long-term class where I could get feedback about my progress from the instructor, so I decided to sign up for the master class.
Looking forward to it.

Corel Painter information Presented in a Clear, Easy-to-Digest Manner
There are people who teach‚ and then there are teachers. Karen Sperling is a natural born teacher.
She presents her Corel Painter information in a clear, easy-to-digest manner. She provides the information that you need to be successful with Painter, without burying you in a ton of unnecessary techno talk.
Her lessons are very well planned, and are recorded and presented with a professionalism seldom seen in online lessons.
Karen is wonderfully generous in sharing her knowledge, experience and talents. She holds nothing back--and her many years of experience are presented in a way that allows the viewer to experience success from the very beginning.
After watching nearly 100 different videos on Painter by a vast number of different instructors/masters/teachers, I chose to invest in Karen's courses. While each instructor brings something unique to the table, I felt that Karen's approach was the one that I wanted to use to learn. She does not dictate rules and methods, or intimidate by over complicating the software. Instead, she empowers the user with knowledge, confidence and the personal freedom to make their own artistic statement.
Cynthia Howe

Karen Sperling is the Best Corel Painter Instructor in the World
I use Photoshop, Lightroom and Corel Painter as a combination in many of my images.
Karen Sperling is the best Corel Painter instructor in the world and she made me a master in the Painter software.
C. Willie Winslow II

Karen Sperling: Articulate, Creative, Knowledgable and Patient
Karen Sperling is an expert who shares her knowledge in a fresh and creative fashion.
Not only does Karen know the technical aspects of Corel Painter, but she also teaches creative concepts as well.
I have taken her class at WPPI and also a one-on-one class; she is articulate, creative, knowledgable and patient!
I highly recommend Karen as a teacher if you want to master this multi-faceted program and give your work a creative edge!
Felicia Tausig
WPPI Member
Former President, Santa Clarita Valley Photographers Association (SCVPA)
Creative Photography, Photos by Felicia

Karen Sperling Vibrant Instructor
Karen Sperling is one of the most vibrant instructors I have had in Painter.
She approaches teaching from a fine arts background which translates into paintings of beautifully balanced color and detail.
In Karen's workshop, I was able to layer her clear and artistic instruction with my background knowledge of photography to produce a very pleasing and salable picture.
I can't wait to take another course from her.
Shirley Miers
Ocala, Florida

MARS PPA Affiliate Reviews



Karen Sperling taught at MARS, the PPA affiliate school in Cape May, NJ. Here are some reviews of her MARS Painter class.

Karen Sperling Wonderful Instructor
I attended Karen's class at the PPA affiliate schools (MARS) in Cape May, NJ this year.
Karen is a wonderful instructor.
She knows her work, and conveys her instructions in a manner that is structured but not overwhelming.
My very first "painting" that I created to show at a bridal show received rave reviews from potential brides.
In fact - I told the subjects of that print that I had a surprise for them when they picked up their previews from their wedding.
When they walked in the studio, their first response was WOW - that's cool - WOW that's us!! They bought a framed 16x20 on the spot!!
I think that Karen Sperling would be a fine addition to the list of PPA instructors, and I would highly recommend her talents.
Theresa Terilli
PPA Certified

Karen Sperling Excellent Artist; Outstanding Communicator
To whom it may concern;
I am writing this letter on behalf of Karen Sperling who was the instructor for the Painter workshop at the recent MARS workshop in Cape May, New Jersey.
I am a photographer of over 30 years who, two years ago switched to a digital workflow with the intention of producing archival giclees of my library of photographs.
At that time I had no computer savy and knew nothing of Photoshop, Painter, software rips, color management, Raw files or any other aspects of a digital workflow.
I embarked on an extensive 18 month series of studies at various centers around the country. In my opinion Karen Sperlling exhibits the wonderful trait of being more than an excellent artist, but is an outstanding communicator as well. She is both patient and informative to whatever depth required by the individuals in her class. She can see the individual needs and attend to them while keeping the group moving at a pace that is exciting to everyone.
In my opinion, another of her best qualities is an engaging personality and a great sense of humor that is liberally appliied through the workshop.
I would highly recommend Karen to any group or individual that is considering taking advantage of her multi faceted talents.
Sincerely yours,
Bruce Keyes

Karen Sperling Well-Organized
I took Karen's class at MARS.
She was very easy to listen to for a week, was well organized, humorous and kept us on track (not an easy thing to do).
I felt everything she reviewed that week was helpful in learning Painter.
Barbara Glaeser
Certified Professional Photographer

More Reviews

Likes Art History
I thought I would drop you a line about how I found you. I think it was on one of the
webinars through Corel Painter. I've been following some of your work and came to love
the style. I like the fact that you have some great knowledge of art history. I myself
took a class in art history and it's about the only book I still have from college.
I majored in Art in high school but never pursued it till now. I guess you can say I'm
returning to my first love.
I think it's great your classes are so affordable and look forward to learning more.
Chuck Morgan

Happy to Find Karen Sperling's Hand-Painted Style
Karen Sperling has the hand-painted style I’ve been searching for since the beginning of my digital art journey 5 years ago -
everything from portraits to landscapes.
Dyan Dupont

Karen Sperling's Instructional Materials Help with Painting Transition

Using your books and videos, I created a painting based on this photo of a small village south of Lyon taken by one of my friends at church when they were on a riverboat cruise. They always have me do slide shows for them and redo their photos.
The large painted version that was post painted with acrylics per your instructions in the back of your first Painting for Photographers book was sold to a local artist.
I am 87 and I started playing with Photoshop and slide show programs in the early 90's. Friends and family started asking me to restore photos and do slide shows for them. I was computer literate so learning to use the programs was not a problem. My wife started with early stages of dementia at that time so I became a caregiver and this hobby helped me relax. Corel offered me an upgrade to Painter when they bought a company whose program I was using, so I went from restoring photos to learning to paint. A painting I did of my wife from a photo she had sent me when I was in the navy still hangs in my living room. She looked at it all the time as her dementia got worse. She passed away two years ago at home. I am glad I could take care of her at home--wish I still could.
Reading your books and watching your videos helped me learn the difference between painting and photo restoration. Now I look for a color scheme to use before I start and contrast becomes important as well as planning a background.
Gramps (Richard Foster)

Karen Sperling's Artistry Online Classes Easy and Thorough
Just had to share how I'm set up for healing, 4 weeks post surgery, and learning from the wonderful Karen Sperling. It's not the best setup, but having to have my foot up all day is allowing plenty of painting time!
I just completed your Artistry intro to Painter course and posted my homework to the Facebook page. My homework is not perfect, and I already see some areas that could have had more detail or attention. But I had a blast learning your techniques.
I had viewed a few tutorials from other instructors, but your techniques are soooooo much easier, and I love the pace you set in your tutorials as it allowed me to paint along. So fun!!
The funny thing is, since I had watched several tutorials prior to ordering yours, I thought yours would be all review for me, and that I'd breeze though. However, that was not the case. I actually watched all videos first, then went back through and followed along with Corel. I was shocked at how much more thorough your tutorials were, and happily surprised at how much I learned.
I just ordered my second lesson, the Artistry Classic Portraits, and can’t wait for it to arrive!
Best regards,
Joyce Farkas

Karen Sperling Highly Recommended
As a professional photographer recently turned painter, I have been on the lookout for something that could take my work to the next level.
I stumbled across Karen's page and was really impressed with her work and was excited to see that she offered classes online.
I am not even halfway through the videos and already the information is more than worth the cost.
I have been having trouble with my digitally painted pieces looking too photorealistic and with Karen's classical approach of how the old masters painted, it was exactly what I was looking for. She not only provides the tools that she uses but shows you how to use them and I also learned quite a bit of new information not only about how to use Corel Painter, but also about art history and brushstrokes and how to make my digital work best resemble a classically painted portrait.
I am so happy to have found Karen and highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to have their digital paintings more closely resemble actual paintings.
Erin Lendry Lato

Opportunity to Learn from a Corel Painter Guru
I Love Painter...and Karen you've been a guru for as long as I've been a fan, I have all of your books.
There are so many diverse paths to follow when you study Painter and I especially like your Impressionist
style with landscapes. I saw a few of your landscapes on Facebook and saw you were offering the class.
This is a good time of year for me to study since the busy Christmas season is behind us.
Steve Helmbrecht
PP of A Master Photog, Cr

Learning to Turn Photos into Art: Dream Come True!
I enrolled in Karen Sperling's online classes because learning to create works of art from my photos has always been a dream of mine. To make that dream a reality, I sought out the best teachers and discovered Karen!
I'm very much looking forward to making magic happen with my photographs.

Time to Be Creative!
Hi Karen,
My interest in taking this class is purely for fun and education. I have been a long time user of Photoshop
because I love photography and that I can paint with plug-ins. However, now that I am retired and have had an
unused Painter that I keep updating, it is high time to learn to paint and learn to paint with Painter in particular.
I simply want to amuse myself and be creative.

Learns Something New with Each Viewing
Yes I have received the links and have watched the Artistry Intro to Painter videos many times.
I am surprised that I pick up something each time I watch them.
I have also downloaded the resource items, brushes, pdf files etc.
I like this online class very much.
Thanks for your help and the lessons.
I now feel that there is hope even for an idiot.

Can Finally Paint Thanks to Artistry Online Class!

Painting by Mack Gray based on a photo by Scott Stulberg.
I can not believe that after having Corel Painter for 2-3 years I am finally beginning to actually paint.
I have enjoyed the Artistry Online class Intro to Corel Painter.
I have been through it twice and on lesson 6 for the third time.
As I have stated before I am a very slow learner. So I hope that I can do this lesson for another month or more.
I have been so amazed at being able to paint that I have emailed and probably bored many friends as to the work on the painting as I have progressed.
I still cannot believe that I have actually done this painting.
Some people have even said wow to my painting.
This painting is still a work in progress.
Mack Gray

Great, Detailed Instructions!

Painting by Lynne Alexander, member of the Impressionist class.
My second impressionist portrait - thanks Karen Sperling for the great
detailed instructions.-Lynne Alexander

Karen Sperling's Techniques Very Effective

Painting by Sherrie Rieger
The reference photo for the forest painting was taken by my sweetie, Bill. He owns
a beautiful piece of property with a forest, pond and 3 meadows. We go there often,
and he took the photo with his iPhone. Usually I use our Nikon for my photography,
and was surprised at how well the photo turned out. My goal is to license my digital
art as prints.
Karen Sperling's Artistry online classes have been really great for inspiration and
her very effective techniques for turning photos into paintings.

Karen Sperling's Instruction Simple and Fun

Painting by Lynne Alexander
My background is photography and portraits so I found it very difficult
to start with Corel Painter and do anything but soft clone.
Karen Sperling's Artistry online class in impressionist landscapes was exactly
what i was needing to go beyond the pixels.
I especially appreciate the lessons on colors and a few simple rules about art
that make my art pieces more professional.
The course material is easy to follow and gave me the confidence to tackle landscapes.
The provided brushes produce wonderful strokes that make painting fun.
Thanks Karen for giving me the confidence to take on landscapes.
Lynne Alexander

Artistry Online Classes: Excellent Tutorials

Painting by Steve Helmbrecht
I've really enjoyed your "Impressionist Landscapes" tutorials that I
purchased from you.
I've got a long way to go...it's difficult for me judging how Impressionist I
want to be vs. realistic. It's kind of a leap of faith.
Thanks for the excellent tutorials. Well worth the money.
Steve Helmbrecht
PP of A Master Photog, Cr

Artistry Online Classes: Informative Yet Easy to Understand

Painting by Roxanne Sahlin
I recently upgraded Corel Painter and decided that it was time to learn
to use it properly to created paintings with my photographs as reference images.
That was when I found Karen Sperling's Artistry online class, Painting
Impressionist Landscapes Based on Photos in Corel Painter.
Painter is a wonderful program, but it has so many bells and whistles that it can
be quite intimidating when you look at the big picture. Karen did something that no
one else has done...instead of telling me how complex the program is, she simplified
the steps and suddenly I could see the possibilities instead of the problems.
This is my second painting that I have created since the class began on Saturday
(and today is Wednesday!). Karen gave me the tools to begin painting and suddenly
the program is a welcome creative environment.
Many thanks, Karen, for creating classes that are informative, yet easy to understand
so that the only requirement is a commitment to practicing your painting!
Roxanne Sahlin
Doug Plus Rox Photography, LLC

Karen Sperling's Brushes and Techniques Work Excellently

I've been using Painter since version 12 - at first I cloned. Painting became a process and attempts
to combine cloning with "painting" didn't work.
About a year ago I abandoned cloning - with mixed results. My paintings improved - especially
detail-oriented paintings of botanicals, structures, etc., but not landscapes.
Tried different methods for painting landscapes ... best success was with the Artistry online class
for painting Impressionist-style landscapes. Finally found a method and brushes that produced the
desired results. Not that success came easy...took awhile to produce results - i.e., too much or
not enough detail, or the results just didn't look right.
Tried other classes (and various brushes) elsewhere--that helped ... but I kept coming back to
Karen Sperling's brushes and techniques.
The best part of Karen's class and brushes is that they work excellently with other painting as well
as landscapes - whether for backgrounds or portions of paintings.
Dean Woolstencroft

Karen Sperling Is an Excellent Teacher
Karen Sperling is an excellent teacher. She presents the topics in
logical and in step-by-step order with full explanations where needed,
but yet she moves along at a reasonable pace in the other areas.
Hers were the first formal online classes I purchased and followed
after purchasing Painter and doing some of the Youtube vids I found
links to on the Corel pages.
I did her Intro to Painter course and Impressionist Landscapes course,
learned a lot and became familiar with the Painter interface with a better
understanding of the importance of the brushes to effective use of the program.
By the time I got through my second class (Landscapes) I felt I was competent
enough to strike out on painting my own photographs.
Still learning, but she got me started in the right direction.

Amazed at Ability to Paint in the Bouguereau Style

Paintings by Ginger Sizemore using the brushes and techniques in the Artistry online class for
painting in the style of William-Adolphe Bouguereau.

I enjoy learning so many art concepts and history from Karen Sperling in the Artistry online classes.
I can take it slow on each step if needed. The brushes that come with the classes are a bonus.
I use them all the time. I'm amazed that I can paint in this beautiful style thanks to Karen Sperling's
professional direction.
Ginger Sizemore

Karen Sperling Is an Awesome Teacher!
When I found Karen Sperling's classes I was ecstatic to learn from The Corel Painter Master!
Karen will give the tools and inspiration to begin painting. Karen demystifies the painting
process and explains it so that it makes perfect sense. I love that they are online classes
so I can study at my own pace. You can always go back to the videos and watch them as many
times as you want. Karen explains everything thoroughly and gives you all the brushes to
accomplish the task.
The classes are very informative and so easy to understand so that all you have to do is paint.
Oh, and Karen Sperling is an awesome teacher!
I just signed up for two more classes!!!
Sandy Oman

Enjoys Studying Corel Painter at Own Pace

Painting by Ginger Sizemore
I was always afraid to to anything this wild, but with the new brushes and Artistry online classes I'm taking with Karen Sperling, it's fun and easier than I thought. I like that the online classes are at my own speed and time.
You can always go back to the videos and watch them as many times as needed. Thank you.

Karen Sperling Is Awesome
I have taken several Artistry online classes. Karen explains everything very well even includes the brushes. Answers questions, covers things you are interested in learning.
I plan on taking more. Karen is awesome.
Donna Kay Waggoner

Karen Sperling's Impressionist Flowers Class Delightful
Karen Sperling's Impressionist flowers class has been a delightful Corel Painter learning experience.
I really like how she progresses through the steps, and at a slower pace, which I find really helpful.
When I paint the way she suggests, it really does work out and I see results that encourage me to keep going.
I got rave reviews on my painting when I posted it to my own Facebook page. One friend asked how she can take Karen's class, and I’ll give her the information.
Thanks, Karen!
Sherrie Rieger

Great Brushes and Videos
Great set of brushes and videos....I don't think I will ever look at Impressionist Paintings
in the same way....
Thank you.
Lynne Hoover

Great Class

I have really enjoyed Karen’s class on Impressionist flowers. It has allowed me to paint with
some abstract painting and yet have a definite focus point.
Thanks for a great class.

Happy with Brushes
I was very happy with the brushes that Karen Sperling created. They worked very well on
a variety of images. Here are three pictures of flowers using the brushes.
Thank you,
Lynne Hoover

Loves Artistry Online Classes Videos
Hello Karen,
I've been watching your Artistry online class videos and love them so much that I have watched them several times.
I thought I would send you an email to say, "Thanks for the very informative, educational Painter videos.
Many people know the software but you know how to teach it well."
Keep up the great work. I also plan to attend your upcoming webinar.
See you online,
Will Massenburg

Karen Sperling's Corel Painter Class on Turning Photographs into Classic Paintings Was My "AHA!" Moment!

Painting by "Papa George" Hoffman

Artistry Intro to Painter Videos Just Right for Beginners
I really like the videos in the Intro to Painter Artistry online class. I particularly like that
you are focusing on just what we need to know to get started. I went through the Painter course with
someone else last year and it was too much for someone just starting out. Your pace is good and we
are accomplishing enough to stay engaged. I must say I marvel at how easy you make it look!
I am eager to move forward and I was thinking of taking the Corel Painter Impressionist landscapes
course next. Would you recommend that next? I don't often take portraits and am particularly
interested in painting landscapes and animals.
I'm attaching one of my photographs that I have recently been playing with. I want to be able to
personalize the paintings more.
Thanks for any suggestions regarding my next steps!
Susan Gauthier

Artistry Online Class Chock Full of Information
Karen Sperling is an amazing artist and teacher. I have wanted to learn Corel Painter for a long time and
I finally did it by enrolling in Karen Sperling 's Artistry Online Class. I am still so new, and have so much
more to learn, but I learned so much during the course of the online class that I am able to create my own
paintings and dazzle my family and friends.
Karen Sperling's beautiful artwork is what drew me to Corel Painter in the first place. I then found her
webinars, books, videos, and retreats on her website and I immediately signed up for an Artistry Online
Class and an Artistry Retreat.
The online class was chock full of information--technical and artistic. I am learning so much because of
Karen's methods of teaching.
Dr. Lindia Friedman

Artistry Online Class Wonderful and Very Informative
I enjoyed the Artistry Online Class and learned so much, thank you.
It was wonderful and very informative, with videos to refer back to. Worth a lot more than the cost.
I've learned so much about some of the panels and sliders. The color harmony was very interesting
and I liked it a lot. You have whetted my appetite to check out the fine art backgrounds in color
and texture brushstrokes.
I especially liked when you went over the secrets and your favorite brushes that you like to use and why.
The Artistry Online Class provided a lot of good information that is explained well and worth the cost of the
class, and you even get a secret room to show your work for feedback.
Ginger Sizemore

Happy with Artistry Online Class
Great for Beginners Like Me!

Karen Sperling Is a Wonderful Instructor
A lot of information offered. Presenter well-informed and very helpful.
Karen Sperling is a wonderful instructor and has a lot to offer to people
who want to learn to turn photos into paintings.
Elizabeth Floyd

Karen Sperling Is a Corel Painter Icon
Karen has been an icon in the Corel Painter world since the beginning. She uses
it as an active artist and teaches as well.
Who better to learn from?
I quickly realized that my biggest lack of knowledge and what I needed most was
NOT specific to Corel Painter, but more so to art in general. There are some
fundamental concepts in the art world that are good to know and understand and
Karen helped explain those to me so that I could apply them in my digital painting.
James Finch

Karen Sperling Is a Great Teacher
I am doing my first run through the lessons and Karen Sperling is a great teacher. I have never had so many
"ah ha" moments in such a short space of time. Painter works as smooth as silk-
which is a pleasure.
But the best part is that Karen demystifies the painting process and explains it so that you end up wondering
why other people make it so darn complex.
I have signed up for three Artistry online classes and I still have to see what my creative ability is like
these days but I do believe I am solidly hooked!
Jean Smith

Artistry Online Class Is Excellent
5 stars! Content-rich. Excellent instruction.
Belinda Scheresky

Artistry Online Class Videos Are Well-Organized and Easy to Follow
Hi, Karen,
I love the way you present your videos. They are well organized and easy to follow. I have picked
up a treasure of little tips from your videos that make my working with painter so much fruitful.
Thank you for all the hard work you are putting in preparation for your online classes.
You are totally welcome to post my feedback and use my name if you wish to do so. I am a happy AIPP
member and I will continue to renew it. Besides the treasure trove of little tips I have learned from
your videos, your Bonus Brushes (volume 3) that included Texture Blenders, Texture Cloners and
Texture Color opened up a new dimension in my creativity.
Hilda Olsen

Karen Sperling's Artistry Online Classes Right Choice for Learning Painter
My usual way of doing a course or series like this is to go through from beginning
to end, quickly, but taking notes on the main points and organization (so later when
I have forgotten something I can go right to it). Then I go back to the beginning and
actually do it.
This time it has seemed better to take a lesson at a time, go thru fast, then go back and
actually do that lesson before moving on to the next lesson. I did finish the portrait in
the Intro class but without the final touches you encouraged us to do (I was impatient to get
on to landscapes). And now things have gotten a little muddled in my mind that I know I will
be going back over the Intro lessons again.
I have had two main challenges with this new learning how to do art. The first is learning how
to think and do like an artist. The second is the hard work of overcoming most of my left-brain
ways of doing things creative. Overcoming my 50 years of training, thinking and doing as an
engineer and programmer and now wanting to engage my right brain is a very interesting project
for me. It is definitely a project/challenge I wanted to experience but sometimes when I am in
it‚ I can get frustrated with why isn't this happening faster.
About your courses/lessons: I spent quite awhile exploring the various "Learn Corel Painter"
options out there.
From what I could tell from viewing youtubes and looking in from the outside at trainer websites,
I was pretty sure you would be the right choice for me given your content choices and approach
to explaining things to Painter newbies. And now that I am able to actually see what you do and
some of how you do it, I know I made the right choice for me.
A big thing for me is how you include art theory in your instructions. With my computer background
I figured I could learn how to use a new program (tho it seems slower these days) but I was anxious
to learn the "why I want to do that" in order to create beautifully painted versions of my photographs.
I am able to follow along with your demonstrations well and I think you cover what I need to remember
as I do it myself. I do want to say that your lesson/explanation of how people have trouble understanding
Tracing Paper and here is the way to think about it really turned my brain upside down. Up until then I had
been thinking about Tracing Paper as a layer in the Photoshop sense - different because of cloning - but a
layer in any case. To think about it as you explained, I will need to go back and listen again to completely
understand another way for me to think about it.
Well, enuf for now, I can see that I will be spending many hours in the future doing my own photos rather
than watching you do yours. As I begin to feel more confidence, I am sure I will share one of mine with you.
In the meantime, I will be anxiously waiting to see what you are working on in your upcoming landscapes book.

Artistry Brushes Bring Artist's Work to Next Level

Paintings by Ray Roybal. Little girl painting based on a photo by Bill Gekas.
I have been using Karen Sperling's brushes since jumping into Corel Painter in 2016! The brushes she has created have brought my art to the next level!
Thank You, Karen!
Ray Roybal


Karen Sperling Makes Painting Fun

Paintings by Maureen Baril.
I really enjoy all that you do--you make painting fun and it's not overwhelming!
It's exciting !!!
You're really so brilliant with your paintings and brushes, yet you can simplify all that you do to help us bring our artistic talent too!!
I love your brushes--so tastefully done !!
Maureen Baril


Artistry Brushes Work Great
I have downloaded some of your brushes and plan to get some more.
I have built some of my own brushes, but getting them like you want can be challenging and your brushes are usually what I am trying to get and they work great.
For the low price it saves me time, trial and effort.
Rick Church


Karen Sperling's Corel Painter Brushes Among Favorites

Paintings by Tim Tompkins.
I do a lot of portrait work with family, kids, pets and historical reenactors and I find the textures I can get out of your Artistry Brushes give me the feel and look I am going for when trying to match traditional brushstrokes. I have a lot of brushes from different places over the years, but this latest Artistry series is in my favorites now.
I hope you keep offering variations on this organic look and style going forward.
Thanks for offering them.
Tim Tompkins


Loves Karen Sperling's Corel Painter Brushes

Painting by Mary Darling.
Love your new brushes!
I did a portrait for a friend last week, but this is what I worked on today.
I had fun playing with your wonderful brushes!
Mary Darling

Loves Karen Sperling's Brushes

Paintings by Janet Kinney.
Love the brushes!
Janet Kinney

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