Karen Sperling is the original Corel Painter expert. She wrote the first several manuals when the software debuted over 25 years ago and has been writing about it, teaching it and painting with it, ever since.

The artistrymag.com website was founded in 1997 with the publication of Artistry magazine, which Karen wrote, illustrated, designed and published with tutorials for turning photographs into paintings in Corel Painter. The magazine has since been replaced with books, videos and classes, but the url remains.

Website Overview

This website is divided into two parts. One part has examples of Karen Sperling's work if you'd like to commission a painting for you or, if you are a photographer, for your clients. You'll find information and examples of paintings in the Commissioned Paintings link above.

The other part of the website has instructional materials if you would like to learn how to paint yourself. Most of the books, videos and classes cover painting in Corel Painter. There is some information for painting in Adobe Photoshop and for painting with traditional oils and acrylics, as well. You'll find the instructional materials in the Learn to Paint link above.

Write to Karen Sperling or call her at 818-941-9739 with questions about commissioning a painting or learning how to paint.

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