Welcome to Karen Sperling's Paintings Based on Photographs!

Karen Sperling paints commissioned people, pet and landscape paintings based on photographs directly for clients and for photographers for their clients.

Karen Sperling is a versatile artist who can paint in any style that appeals to you or to your photography clients.

To see examples of Karen Sperling's masterworks, click the links below.

The portrait galleries are arranged by style, from the most photorealistic (Windsor gallery) to the most Impressionistic/painterly (The Barcelona), followed by galleries with pet portraits and landscape paintings.

Exclusive Offer

Karen Sperling is the official in-house artist for a TV cover creator. Commission a custom cover for your big screen TV and display art instead of a blank TV screen. Click here for more information.


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Commission a Painting for You or for Your Photography Clients

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Write to Karen Sperling or call her at 818-941-9739 to commission your keepsake painted portrait or landscape painting today!

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