Overview: Karen Sperling's Paintings Based on Photographs!

Welcome to this overview of Karen Sperling's commissioned paintings!




Photo by Angela Chen.

Karen Sperling has been turning photos into paintings for decades for both clients and for photographers for their clients. She's especially good at keeping the subjects' likeness while adding painterly brushstrokes.




Light touch mixed media painting by Karen Sperling based on a photo by Erica Keys Land.

"I am so happy with the painterly finish that Karen applied to my family photo! She is extremely talented and easy to work with, she pays attention to detail and exactly what I wanted in my painting. I would not hesitate to hire her again and cannot wait to proudly display my photo! Thank you Karen!"
Erica Keys Land

Any photography subject can be turned into a painting, from people and pet portraits to landscapes, homes and memorable events like favorite trip destinations.




Traditional oil painting on canvas by Karen Sperling based on her photos.


You can commission a photorealistic painting that enhances the photograph, or an Impressionist style that completely transforms the photo into a painting, and everything in-between. The galleries below show you examples of Karen Sperling's various styles of painting.





Materials used


You have your choice of materials that you prefer, including oils, pastels or mixed media. Mixed media paintings are digital paintings printed to canvas and overpainted with oils.
With all materials, your painting is painted completely by hand. There are no automated, filter or A.I. effects to create the look of Karen Sperling’s custom-painted art.




To see examples of Karen Sperling's masterworks, click the links below.

The first gallery (Knightsbridge), features paintings based on photos in a classic, lightly painted style, especially beloved by photographers and their clients.

The next few portrait galleries are arranged by style for clients and for photographers for their clients, ranging from the most photorealistic (Windsor gallery) to the most Impressionistic/painterly (The Parisian).

Following the people portrait galleries are pet portraits and landscape paintings.




hand-painted portraits

Karen Sperling's Artistic Style, Detail and Color Selections Are Amazing
“Lilacs, Karen, I need lilacs!”
That’s what I told you several weeks ago, when I called to ask you to create a very special birthday present for my girlfriend.
She loves lilacs!
I didn’t have a picture for you to transfer to canvas. I commissioned you to paint an original creation.
We talked about the project at length. You asked many, many questions about her tastes, color and art style preferences…even questions about the décor in her home. We settled on a direction, and you went to work.
The result was fantastic!
Your artistic style, detail and color selections were amazing. I loved it. More importantly, she has an original Karen Sperling…and she loves it!
Thank you!

Joseph Edward

hand-painted portraits

Karen Sperling Is an Incredible Painter
Karen, you did such a phenomenal job capturing the image and the day in exactly the way we imagined and we can't thank you enough.
Thanks so much! We couldn't be happier with how amazing this looks and functions.
The TV frame with the art is up on the wall and it looks BEAUTIFUL!!! The painting looks even better in the large size. Really, it's stunning.
Thank you so much for making such an awesome product and for being such an incredible painter!
Tim Poore
hand-painted portraits


hand-painted portraits


hand-painted portraits

Karen Sperling's Work Is Amazing
Hello Karen:
Wow, this is the most amazing thing ever. Thank you!
I shared it with my contractor and designer and all agreed it is really amazing and will be such a show piece in our new home.
My deepest thank you. You memorialized such a memory for my family and for me with my boys!
Jennifer Sadr

hand-painted portraits

Karen Sperling's Work Is Priceless
I was honored when Karen Sperling requested my photo to turn into a painting for a tutorial for a book she's writing.
I'm GOBSMACKED by the results! So, so beautiful!! (I've wanted to have an occasion to use that word for a long, long time!)
I LOVE THIS PAINTING! Karen Sperling's work is priceless!
Linda Gregory

hand-painted portraits

Karen Sperling Does Great Work
I have another of Karen's paintings and I wanted to give as a gift to my friend an oil painting based on a photo of his parents taken at a wedding.
Karen captured the couple beautifully and created a wonderful work of art that my friend and his family will cherish forever.
Sarkis Kaladzhyan

hand-painted portraits

Karen Sperling Surpasses All Expectations
I attended an Artistry Retreat taught by Karen Sperling and she is an amazing teacher. Her class was organized, relaxed and thorough. I went from a total novice to being able to create wonderful paintings from my photographs. However, when my granddaughters were to be flower girls at my son’s wedding, I knew I had to go to the Master to get stunning results. Karen Sperling has surpassed all expectations! She sorted through all of the wedding photos and chose two. We discussed (via email) which to use and the basic look I was hoping for. The result is a treasured portrait that will make me smile for the rest of my life. I have a picture of the portrait on my cell phone and share it with everybody I see! I highly recommend Karen’s work—you will not be disappointed. In addition to being a very talented painter, she is also a very nice lady.
Carolyn Johnson


hand-painted portraitshand-painted portraits

Portraits Are Magical Showpieces
I fear that my words will not do justice to Karen Sperling’s artistic talents.
I have taken thousands of pictures of my children as they were growing up. Most of them were terrible. A few were good enough to keep. Almost none of them were good enough to spend extra money on to enlarge.
When I learned about Karen’s portrait painting, I chose two photos I liked. However, each picture had technical faults. One was poorly cropped. The other was slightly out of focus. And let us not forget the plastic cups each child had in their hands and the fluorescent wrist bands. These extra “props” further distracted from the important subject of the picture, the children.
Karen Sperling’s skillful portrait artistry was able to better reveal my son’s boyish impishness and my daughter’s youthful elegance. Karen was able to eliminate or replace the unneeded props. She was able to create a magical background showpiece for my children. Everyone who sees the painted portraits loves them.
Raymond Moy, M.D.


hand-painted portraits

Unbelievable Works of Art
I’ve known Karen Sperling for a very long time and I have always been in awe of her amazing talents. She can take any kind of photograph and turn it magically into an unbelievable work of art.
I love seeing what she does to portrait photos that I have taken. They are often so breathtaking that I can’t believe she is capable of making such one-of-a-kind pieces of art.
Karen is definitely one of a kind.
Scott Stulberg


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