Karen Sperling's Artistry Quick Fix Videos

Who: Professional photographers, hobbyists and artists. Not teachers.
What: Videos for turning photos into paintings in Corel Painter 2015 through 2023.
Where: Your computer.
When: View videos at your convenience.
Why: These videos are for you if you are a professional photographer who would like to sell paintings
based on your photos to your clients or if you are a hobbyist who is interested in turning your photos
of your children, grandchildren, pets and travels into paintings. These videos are not for teachers.
How: Learn the art theories and Corel Painter steps for turning portraits, landscapes and pet photos into paintings.
How much: $9.99 per video
Artistry Quick Fix Video Bundles
#1: 3 videos for $26.98 (a 10% savings!)
#2: 10 videos for $84.92 (a 15% savings!)
#3: 25 videos for $199.80 (a 20% savings!)

Fine Print: Due to the nature of digital tutorials, there are no refunds or credits.

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Artistry Quick Fix Video Bundles
#1: 3 videos for $26.98 (a 10% savings!)
#2: 10 videos for $84.92 (a 15% savings!)
#3: 25 videos for $199.80 (a 20% savings!)

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The Artistry Quick Fix videos are created by original Painter expert and Elite Corel Painter Master Karen Sperling, who wrote the original Painter manuals and whose preface and art are featured in Painter Showcase. She is the author of the bestselling Painting for Photographers book, which covers painting people, pets and landscapes in both Painter and Photoshop, the highly acclaimed Painting for Photographers book Volume 2, which shows how to paint children's portraits in Corel Painter and the brand-new Painting for Photographers book Volume 3, which has state-of-the-art Corel Painter steps and art lessons for turning portrait and landscape photographs into paintings. She also is the producer of the popular Painting for Photographers video tutorials for painting portraits, landscapes and children's portraits in Corel Painter and leads the world-renowned live and in-person Artistry Retreats. She also teaches the popular Artistry online classes, the Artistry Corel Painter Master Class and individual private Corel Painter lessons online and in person.

Corel Corporation has named Karen Sperling a member of the Painter Master Elite program and also a Certified Painter Educator.
According to Corel, "These high profile Painter artists are proven masters of their craft having earned the prestigious Painter Master Elite title from the Painter team for their many years of dedicated service to Corel Painter.
As Painter Master Elite artists, they hold a very special place in our hearts. They continue to inspire new artists and Painter feature innovations while also managing to keep us grounded to our world-renowned realistic natural media roots. We would not be where we are today without them and the world will continue to be inspired by their creations.
Whether you are looking for inspiration to develop your own signature style, wanting to dive into learning the ins and outs of Painter,
or looking for an artist to create work for you, we highly recommend checking out what these very talented artists have to offer."


Artistry is a Certified Corel Training Partner.


Inspired by Artistry Quick Fix Videos
Hi Karen,
I just had to tell you I just love your QUICK FIX VIDEOS!!!
I am so inspired by them! I can watch them over and over again and get something NEW every time.
Thanks so much for putting these short videos together and sharing your unbelievable creativity with us!!
You really inspire me!
Maureen Baril

Loves All the Artistry Quick Fix Videos
Hello Karen,
I have purchased all of the Artistry Quick Fix videos and have enjoyed them all.
I believe the books you have written are great, but I am more visual so the videos
have really brought me to the next level. I had struggled for years with Painter and
am now feeling much more confident in my ability and understanding for this incredible
software. I believe you have stumbled upon a great learning tool for people such as
myself, who have longed to overcome Painter's deep learning curve, but have
struggled with the manuals, tutorials, and textbooks.
And the brushes are great!
Keep up the good work!
Thank you and best wishes,

Loves the Video and Brushes!
I did it Karen...I love your new Artistry Quick Fix videos! You did a great job and I really could
follow along so easily. And I have to say, I absolutely love the brushes that come with that class.
You made it so easy and sooo much fun!
Thanks so much Karen!
Mary Davidson Timman

Glad He Bought the Video and Brushes!
I highly recommend Karen's Video and the Brushes. Glad I bought them!
Ted Azriel

The Price is Right
The video and brushes are priced right, and the video is just long enough to be able to wrap your
head around everything in the video without feeling overwhelmed. Thx Karen! Really enjoyed it.
Deborah Pattyn

Great Set and Great Price
I liked the video and the brushes....a great set and a great price.

Really Enjoyed Video
Hi Karen, really enjoyed the video, I'm half way through another hour one of yours as well :). I subscribed to your channel. I haven't had a chance to try out the brushes yet. I will do so shortly, and I actually have a similar picture to practice on but a little girl with a yellow lab looking out a sliding door. I want to blow it up on canvas and print it for the little girl's Mom :) She's got a photogenic family and is related to us and sends me business :)
I think doing more videos is awesome as getting talented at this is going to take time and practice and who better to learn from than someone in Corel Painter from the beginning!

Video Informative
Hi Karen,
I thought the video was informative.
I just ordered the landscape one too.
Haven't tried the brushes, but, they loaded into Painter 2015 and 2016 okay.
Thanks for your videos!

Great Video and Brushes
Great landscape video - I love your Broad Cover brushes.

Love the Concept!
Love the concept of breaking down painter videos into smaller affordable segments. I picked up techniques I can use in my work.
Looking forward to future videos.

Loved #4!
#4 was another wonderful video! The brushes are great and I liked Karen's tutorial at the end explaining
each brush. I've never used colorized before - what a great technique to get my image into the color
scheme that I want. Can't wait for the next video!

Loves Affordable Classes!
Hi Karen - I have tried two very different photos using your brushes. One is with a Native American dancer that actually did pretty well although it is a very colorful and busy image. I especially liked the SperlingRoughCloner brush for it. That is a very unique brush and I really like it. I am not as good with the bristly brushes but practicing using them. I am still working on the image - I am struggling with his face so it looks natural. It is not that large but needs to be the focal point in my mind so it has to be just right.
Overall a pretty easy technique and I enjoyed it very much. Like I said the RoughCloner is a really nice brush for my style of painting. I think the more affordable classes are a great way to get everyone interested in Painter. Right now I am on a pretty tight budget (who isn't) and this works for me. Keep up the good work!  Syd

Another Great Video!
Hello Karen!
All received!  All enjoyed!
#5 was another great video. I loved the intense colors in the final painting, especially the oranges.
Loved watching how you did the background; one color, darks, lights, darks, lights, etc, etc.  Great variety in the brushstrokes also!  Awesome!
Have a painterly day!
Peter A

Loved Artistry Videos #6 and #7
Was amazing to learn this compositing with Painter! Fast and fun! Thanks so much Karen...loved the class!
I would recommend this to everyone!!!

Loves Easy Cloning in Artistry Videos #6 and #7
Hey Karen!
Awesome timing on this subject! I was just getting into different clone sources with layers. Love the easy
way you showed to get the source from an open pic!
Also, I had just looked at those weird X.... cloners for the first time yesterday. I didn't understand what
they were or how to use them! I was considering getting rid of them to lower the number of brushes to sort through.
Now I'm glad I didn't!
Love how the #7 video shows how to make a painterly look, but still use the right brushes and techniques to give just
the right amount of detail. :-)

Loving Artistry Video #8
I don't mind saying I'm the one that asked for the video..and I have really enjoyed listening to it.
I will admit, it's a little more challenging than the other video's, but I'm loving it and hopefully
my hair will come out as nice as yours. I do love your videos and I recommend them to everyone. I've
had a difficult time working with hair, and was happy to see this little boy and his gorgeous hair,
so had to ask Karen for the little class. Outstanding work Karen. and thanks again!
Mary Davidson Timman

Artistry Video #12 La Vie En Rose Favorite So Far
I really like the La Vie En Rose - maybe my favorite tutorial so far. I haven’t had much time to play -
haven’t gotten caught up from being gone a month. I’m looking forward to watching the video again and
doing a painting.
I really enjoy Karen's short tutorials. Each video that Karen produces has something special to learn.
What I really like about these short videos is that there is always a wonderful gem that I hadn’t thought
about or need a reminder about. I find that I use these hints in all the images that I paint.
Looking forward to more in the future.
-Mary Darling

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