Artistry Quick Fix Video #24: Turning a Horse Photo into a Painting


Painting by Karen Sperling.

Due to popular request, Corel Painter Elite Master Karen Sperling for the first time is revealing the techniques and brushes she used in Corel Painter 2021, 2022 and 2023 to turn a photo of a horse and owner into a painting in the brand-new Artistry Quick Fix Video #24.

The video covers the brushes and tools she used to paint this artwork that looks like a painting yet keeps the essence of the source photo, a technique preferred by professional photographers and hobbyists alike.

The video demonstrates the complete workflow from start to finish, including the Corel Painter 2021, 2022 and 2023 brushes and tools to use. One of Karen's custom brushes for painting backgrounds is included with your purchase, along with the source photo for you to paint along with and a color wheel for reference.

If you've always wanted to turn portrait photos into paintings in Corel Painter, this video is for you!

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Loves All the Artistry Quick Fix Videos

Hello Karen,
I have purchased all of the Artistry Quick Fix videos and have enjoyed them all.
I believe the books you have written are great, but I am more visual so the videos
have really brought me to the next level. I had struggled for years with Painter and
am now feeling much more confident in my ability and understanding for this incredible
software. I believe you have stumbled upon a great learning tool for people such as
myself, who have longed to overcome Painter's deep learning curve, but have
struggled with the manuals, tutorials, and textbooks.
And the brushes are great!
Keep up the good work!
Thank you and best wishes,

Inspired by Artistry Quick Fix Videos


Hi Karen,
I just had to tell you I just love your QUICK FIX VIDEOS!!!
I am so inspired by them! I can watch them over and over again and get something NEW every time.
Thanks so much for putting these short videos together and sharing your unbelievable creativity with us!!
You really inspire me!
Maureen Baril

Artistry Quick Fix Video #24: Turning a Horse Photo into a Painting in Corel Painter

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