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Announcing the Debut of Karen Sperling's Newly Renovated Artistry Website!

November 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Screen shot of the old artistrymag.com website.

Welcome to my Artistry website's new look! After a year of construction, I'm excited to debut this new version of my Artistry website, where you'll be able to commission portraits based on your photos or learn how to do them yourself!

I have had my artistrymag.com website, featuring first my Artistry magazine that I used to publish, then later, my Corel Painter books, videos and classes, since 1997. It was originally created from scratch by a webmaster and I have been adding to it all these years by editing pages of html code.

As the years went by, websites became more and more sophisticated and to try to keep up with the internet's evolution,  I updated and modernized the site's graphics several years ago. Then a year ago, it got to the point that publishing my website became like riding a horse in the age of the automobile. Everyone was speeding past me on the internet until finally, I had to trade in the old gray mare and join the 21st century.

And here it is! My new website!

I originally intended this to be my art website, but the snazzier the website got, the clearer it became that I couldn't get along anymore with the old-fashioned Artistry Corel Painter instructional materials website, so I slowly brought over my books, classes and videos to this website. The result is a hybrid where you can either commission a portrait or learn how to paint one yourself. Maybe ultimately this combination makes sense. You can see my latest commissioned portraits and either hire me to do them for you or see the possibilities for learning how to create your own.

So take a look around and come back often. And let me know in the comments how you like my new Artistry website!



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