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Welcome to my new art website

May 22, 2015  •  2 Comments

I'm happy to introduce my new art website for my painted portraits and abstracts. It's kind of like getting a new car. The old one got you places, but the new one is much more fun to drive.
Art websites like this are usually divided up by subject matter, i.e., children, families, weddings, etc., while the style of the paintings is uniform throughout.
I find it hard to stick to one style because I enjoy experimenting with painting and I love so many different kinds of art, whether it's classic, Impressionistic, black and white, color. So I have designed this site in a different way. Instead of dividing up the sections based on subject, I have arranged galleries by style. This way, you can choose the style of painting that you prefer and then I can apply that style to any subject.
I have also included a gallery of my fine art abstracts. They are available for purchase and I'm also available for commissioned work to create a unique painting for a specific space.
Thank you for taking a look around my new website and I look forward to painting beautiful portraits and abstracts for you!



Karen Sperling Art & Photography + Artistry Corel Painter Tutorials
From Jim Finley via email:

BTW your new website is fantastic. It is compact and well structured (and feels comfortable to a stuffy old engineer). I like it!
Ginger Sizemore(non-registered)
Aloha from Hawaii,
Wow! What a great new place to show your incredible art. I wish you great success with this. You have shared so much of your time and talents with others, and I appreciate all you have taught me. Mahalo!
Ginger Sizemore
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