Artistry Corel Painter Brushes Volume 5

Painting by Karen Sperling based on her photograph, using the Artistry Corel Painter Brushes Volume 5 brushes.


Following the popularity and success of the release of her first, second, third and fourth volumes of custom brushes, Karen Sperling has released a new volume 5 of her Artistry Corel Painter Brushes, featuring 25 brand-new custom brushes for painting in Corel Painter.
Karen Sperling painted the above painting in Corel Painter using the brushes in this collection and a Wacom Cintiq Companion 2. The Volume 5 brushes take advantage of Painter's powerful Particle and Dynamic Speckle brushes and let you create in an Abstract Expressionistic, Jackson Pollock/Leroy Neiman kind of colorful energized style. These versatile brush categories take a lot of setting up to get them to do what you want, and Karen Sperling has taken care of the setup for you with these Volume 5 brushes. All you have to do is adjust the Size slider where necessary. All the rest of the parameters have been adjusted for you to get the effects in the video.
And now these brushes can be yours for just $39. Happy painting!

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Price: $39

Please note:
The Artistry Corel Painter Volume 5 brushes are compatible with Corel Painter versions 2016-2023. The Artistry Corel Painter brushes are not sent automatically. A person sends them. You will receive them within 24 hours of your order during business hours U.S. Pacific time.

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