Artistry Corel Painter Brushes Volume 13

Painting by Karen Sperling.

Karen Sperling has released a new Volume 13 of her Artistry Corel Painter Brushes, featuring 20 brand-new custom brushes for painting flowers in landscapes and portraits in Corel Painter.

Karen Sperling painted the above paintings in Corel Painter using the brushes in this collection and a Wacom Cintiq Companion 2.


The Volume 13 unique new brushes are great for painting Impressionist-style flowers in both portraits and landscapes and are getting rave reviews like this:

Painting by Timothy Palmer.

Loves the Brushes!

I love the brushes Karen! I just got to try them this morning and created this painting in just a few minutes. I've never used brushes that act quite like these. They are awesome! -Timothy Palmer

And now these brushes can be yours for just $39. Happy painting!

Yes! I'd like the Artistry Corel Painter Brushes Volume 13!

Price: $39

Please note:
The Artistry Corel Painter Volume 13 brushes are compatible with Corel Painter versions 
2015-2023. The Artistry Corel Painter brushes are not sent automatically. A person sends them. You will receive them within 24 hours of your order during business hours U.S. Pacific time Monday through Friday.

Thank you for your order!