Artistry Corel Painter Brushes Reviews

Karen Sperling Makes Painting Fun
I really enjoy all that you do--you make painting fun and it's not overwhelming!
It's exciting !!!
You're really so brilliant with your paintings and brushes, yet you can simplify all that you do to help us bring our artistic talent too!!
I love your brushes--so tastefully done !!
Maureen Baril

Artistry Brushes Work Great
I have downloaded some of your brushes and plan to get some more.
I have built some of my own brushes, but getting them like you want can be challenging and your brushes are usually what I am trying to get and they work great.
For the low price it saves me time, trial and effort.
Rick Church

Karen Sperling's Corel Painter Brushes Among Favorites
I do a lot of portrait work with family, kids, pets and historical reenactors and I find the textures I can get out of your Artistry Brushes give me the feel and look I am going for when trying to match traditional brushstrokes. I have a lot of brushes from different places over the years, but this latest Artistry series is in my favorites now.
I hope you keep offering variations on this organic look and style going forward.
Thanks for offering them.
Tim Tompkins

Loves Karen Sperling's Corel Painter Brushes
Love your new brushes!
I did a portrait for a friend last week, but this is what I worked on today.
I had fun playing with your wonderful brushes!
Mary Darling

Loves Karen Sperling's Brushes
Love the brushes!
Janet Kinney