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Karen Sperling's Corel Painter Instructional Materials Reviews


Karen Sperling's Instructional Materials Help with Painting Transition
Using your books and videos, I created a painting based on this photo of a small village south of Lyon taken by one of my friends at church when they were on a riverboat cruise. They always have me do slide shows for them and redo their photos.
The large painted version that was post painted with acrylics per your instructions in the back of your first Painting for Photographers book was sold to a local artist.
I am 87 and I started playing with Photoshop and slide show programs in the early 90's. Friends and family started asking me to restore photos and do slide shows for them. I was computer literate so learning to use the programs was not a problem. My wife started with early stages of dementia at that time so I became a caregiver and this hobby helped me relax. Corel offered me an upgrade to Painter when they bought a company whose program I was using, so I went from restoring photos to learning to paint. A painting I did of my wife from a photo she had sent me when I was in the navy still hangs in my living room. She looked at it all the time as her dementia got worse. She passed away two years ago at home. I am glad I could take care of her at home--wish I still could.
Reading your books and watching your videos helped me learn the difference between painting and photo restoration. Now I look for a color scheme to use before I start and contrast becomes important as well as planning a background.
Gramps (Richard Foster)


Corel Painter information Presented in a Clear, Easy-to-Digest Manner
There are “people who teach” and then there are “teachers.” Karen Sperling is a natural born teacher.
She presents her Corel Painter information in a clear, easy-to-digest manner. She provides the information
that you need to be successful with Painter, without burying you in a ton of unnecessary techno talk.
Her lessons are very well planned, and are recorded and presented with a professionalism seldom seen in online lessons.
Karen is wonderfully generous in sharing her knowledge, experience and talents. She holds nothing back--and her many years
of experience are presented in a way that allows the viewer to experience success from the very beginning.
After watching nearly 100 different videos on Painter by a vast number of different instructors/masters/teachers,
I chose to invest in Karen’s courses. While each instructor brings something unique to the table, I felt that Karen’s
approach was the one that I wanted to use to learn. She does not dictate rules and methods, or intimidate by over
complicating the software. Instead, she empowers the user with knowledge, confidence and the personal freedom to make
their own artistic statement.
Cynthia Howe

Happy to Find Karen Sperling's Hand-Painted Style
Karen Sperling has the hand-painted style I’ve been searching for since the beginning of my digital art journey 5 years ago -
everything from portraits to landscapes.
Dyan Dupont

Likes Karen Sperling's Use of Color
One of the things that I would like to learn how to pay attention to is adding color that didn't exist in the original photo.
I've seen TONS of digital paintings from photos and most of them (including my own) do not impress me because most of the time,
it's just smearing around pixels from the original photo.
To me, part of what makes a painting a painting is the introduction of color that did not originally exist. The painting from your
book cover I think is magnificent because it still contains the realism but is clearly a painting. When I look just at her arms...
there are SOOO many colors there. THAT's something I'd like to focus on while we work together.

Karen Sperling is the Best Corel Painter Instructor in the World
I use Photoshop, Lightroom and Corel Painter as a combination in many of my images.
Karen Sperling is the best Corel Painter instructor in the world and she made me a master in the Painter software.
C. Willie Winslow II

Likes Art History
I thought I would drop you a line about how I found you. I think it was on one of the
webinars through Corel Painter. I've been following some of your work and came to love
the style. I like the fact that you have some great knowledge of art history. I myself
took a class in art history and it's about the only book I still have from college.
I majored in Art in high school but never pursued it till now. I guess you can say I'm
returning to my first love.
I think it's great your classes are so affordable and look forward to learning more.
Chuck Morgan

Happy to Find Karen Sperling's Hand-Painted Style
Karen Sperling has the hand-painted style I have been searching for since the beginning of my digital art journey 5 years ago - everything from portraits to landscapes.
Dyan Dupont

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