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Karen Sperling's Painting for Photographers Video Tutorials
Volume 2: Landscapes

Karen Sperling's Painting for Photographers Video Tutorials: Volume 2, Landscapes show how to turn landscape photos into paintings in Corel Painter.
The landscape videos include step-by-step tutorials and instructions for painting landscapes in Corel Painter X, 11, 12, X3, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.
The Painting for Photographers Video Tutorials Volume 2: Landscapes show tips, techniques and skills that will help take your painting to the next level, whether you're a professional photographer or a hobbyist.

Topics include:
• Art Lessons
• Oil-style painting techniques
• Watercolor-style painting techniques
• Step-by-step instruction for painting landscapes
• Step-by-step instruction for painting seascapes
• Step-by-step instruction for painting cityscapes

Included are answers to questions like:
• How to decide if a photo is a good candidate to be turned into a painting.
• How to edit tones
• How to choose a color scheme
• How to use Painter's brushes
• How to use custom palettes
• How to work with Painter's clones
• How to work with Painter's Tracing Paper
• How to edit brushes
• How to paint photos
• How to paint mountains, skies, trees, grass, water, buildings, boats, clouds and flowers
• How to use Karen Sperling's special tips and techniques
• How to know what to paint
• Start-to-finish workflow steps

The video tutorials provide art lessons in addition to the software steps, including how to tell if a photo is a good candidate to be turned into a painting; how to choose colors; and how to maximize the use of tones to create masterpiece landscape paintings from photos.
Artists studied include Paul Cezanne, Claude Monet, John Constable, George Inness, Vincent Van Gogh, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, J. M. W. Turner, John Robert Cozens, Edward Hopper, John Sell Cotman, Thomas Girtin, Frederic E. Church, Granville Redmond, Thomas Gainsborough and Jack Wilkinson Smith.

Painting by Claude Monet.

The Landscapes videos cover how to paint landscapes in an oil style



How to paint landscapes in a watercolor style



How to paint seascapes



How to paint cityscapes



Paintings and photos by Karen Sperling.


Included with the Painting for Photographers Video Tutorials Volume 2 are 60 brushes designed to give you great-looking brushstrokes and textures for your landscapes and portrait brackgrounds while still being easy to use.
Instructions for installing and using the brushes are included, but really, you just choose them and use them! They're designed to be easy to use to get great results! The chart below is included with your order to provide easy access to all the brush choices!

Landscapes Lessons in Action

This is an example of a landscape painted using the techniques described in the Landscapes video tutorials along with the techniques in the Artistry online class for painting Impressionist-style landscapes:

Painting by Karen Sperling based on her photo.

The bonus materials also include three sets of Karen Sperling's custom brushes.

You'll be amazed at how quickly you can get these great results that you see in the images on this page. The key is not just having these quick, multiple-stroke brushes, but also the art lessons and Corel Painter steps provided in the Painting for Photographers Video Tutorials Volume 2: Landscapes.


Wow! Fantastic!
I finished the Painting for Photographers Video Tutorials Volume 2: Landscapes last night
(round one of watching--I plan on watching several more times)...Wow fantastic...
I like the pace and the amount of detail you provide in the videos!!!
(I really like that you don't get mired in the details...
just the right blend!!!).
I think others will get a lot of good training and education from your
Painting for Photographers Video Tutorials Volume 2: Landscapes, so I'm happy
to lend my review!!!
Bob Merkle

Relies on Karen Sperling for Corel Painter Guidance
I have purchased Artistry products designed by Karen Sperling for a number of years now, including most recently, Painting for Photographers Videos Tutorials Volume 2, Landscapes.
My work is mostly landscapes, typically starting with an image from a film or digital camera that I have taken while traveling, then edited and color corrected with Photoshop, and finally transformed into a painterly rendition via Painter.
From my first "automatic" painting to today's more crafted works, I have relied on Karen's writings to guide me through the creation of skies, oceans and mountains that communicate the vision that I hold in my mind when I first begin working on an image.
What I have found most interesting is that, with each new writing that Karen creates, the advances she proposes are those that I am now most ready for. It is exciting to be in a field of activity that is unfolding as we go, and Karen is one of the leaders in that unfolding process.
Lewis Jackson, Greeley, CO

Karen Sperling's How's and Why's of Digital Painting Are the Best
"If you wanted to learn basketball, Michael Jordan would have been a great person to have on your team. If you wanted to learn to be an astronaut, Neil Armstrong could have helped launch your career. So, if you really want to learn Corel Painter, there's no one better than Karen Sperling to give you the how's and why's of digital painting."
Doug Bardwell, Cleveland Travel Photography Examiner

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Painting for Photographers: Quality Video Training
"If you are looking for a quality video training experience using Corel Painter to create works of art from photographs, then I highly recommend Painting For Photographers Video Tutorials Volume 2 - Landscapes."
T. Michael Testi, Blogcritics

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Karen Sperling's Video Tutorials Highly Recommended
I would highly recommend Karen's Painting For Photographers Video Tutorials Volume 2 - Landscapes and brushes. They are a great way to get focused in on painting beautiful landscapes in an efficient and easily understandable format. Her brushes are great. I was painting with them right away with beautiful results. Check out her other tutorials. She has a great collection of (buy the techniques you want). It is like ordering off a menu. Go for it!
Christopher Stillians, M.Photog.Cr.

Painting for Photographers Video Tutorials Great Quality
You did it again. I have the Painting for Photographers book, the Painting for Photographers Video tutorials Volume 1: Portraits and the Artistry Bonus Brushes Volume 1. The new video tutorials/brushes for Landscapes are the same great quality. I receved them yesterday and have been busy learning since. The brushes are great and worth the price alone. I took a cruise to Alaska in July and look forward to working on photos from the trip.
Larry Fowler

No Better Way to Learn Corel Painter
I was so impressed with the artistic and technical information Karen Sperling
provided in the Painting for Photographers Video Tutorials Volume 1: Portraits
that I was very interested in the second volume, Painting for Photographers Video
Tutorials Volume 2: Landscapes when she announced it.
If you take the time to look at the examples of her Corel Painter art on this
website, you can't help but wonder at the vast range of expression she's
mastered in Corel Painter--and if you've used Painter for any length of time,
you know the depth and complexity of the program.
As far as I'm concerned, there's no better way to develop your technique in the
application than to learn it from the woman who "wrote the book"--literally.
Jess W. Driskell

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