Impressionistic, boldly colorful, artsy, vivacious, painted portraits and landscapes.
Paintings by Karen Sperling based on photos by Signature Beauty Gallery, Kevin Kubota, Andre Hote, Shannon Marie Phillips-Long, Scott Stulberg, Borsari Images LLC​, Felicia Tausig and Karen Sperling.
Hand-Painted Boudoir PaintingHand-Painted Bridal PortraitHand-Painted PortraitHand-Painted PortraitHand-Painted Boudoir PortraitHand-Painted Children's PortraitHand-Painted Bridal PortraitHand-Painted Portrait of DancersHand-Painted PortraitHand-Painted Boudoir PaintingHand-Painted Portrait of SistersHand-Painted Children's PortraitHand-Painted Marilyn MonroeHand-Painted Portrait