Painting by Karen Sperling based on a photo by Scott Stulberg.

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Hand-painted portraits are a special way to commemorate, celebrate and cherish people. places and events now and for generations to come.

A new art form has emerged in the field of portraiture that marries traditional painting techniques with state-of-the-art technology, resulting in richly detailed portraits that capture the subjects' likenesses in an artistic way.

And artist Karen Sperling is a top expert at the software that has become the gold standard for portrait artists creating this new painting genre around the globe.

In the Galleries link, you will find galleries showing examples of Karen Sperling's unique and eclectic portrait styles, ranging from the most photorealistic (The Windsor) to the most Impressionistic (The Parisian) and everything in-between.

Pets are people, too, and you'll also find a gallery with examples of Karen Sperling's whimsical pet portraits.

In the Galleries link you will also find reviews of Karen Sperling's portraits.

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