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October 2007 Artistry Tips and Tricks

Topics Covered

The October 2007 issue of Artistry Tips and Tricks shows
how to turn a landscape photo into a watercolor painting
in the style of English landscape artists including
Joseph Mallord William Turner, Thomas Girtin,
John Robert Cozens and John Sell Cotman.

Topics covered in this issue include:

*How to turn photos into paintings in Corel Painter
*How to montage photos to create the source image
*How to distinguish artists' styles and apply them to
your paintings from photos
*How to use Painter X's automated tools
*How to choose and adjust color schemes
*How to choose brushes for watercolor effects
*How to use cloner brushes
*How to use Tracing Paper
*How to paint skies
*Start-to-finish workflow steps

All the interim images are provided alongside the written step-by-step
instructions within the Acrobat file.

Click the thumbnail to see the photo and painting covered
in the October 2007 Artistry Tips and Tricks.

Painting by Karen Sperling from a
photo by Ken Partington.

October 2007 Artistry Tips and Tricks
Truly Inspirational

Hi Karen,

Thank you so much I'm very grateful. I find your piece truly
inspirational. There are techniques within the tutorial that
I haven't tried before so I'm still trying to get my head around
them. Over the next few days I shall try them all and attempt
to produce something passable. At least now I have something
to refer to.

Again thanks a bundle!

Ken Partington

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