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May 2007 Artistry Tips and Tricks

Topics Covered

The May 2007 issue of Artistry Tips and Tricks features
step-by-step tutorials written by Karen Sperling for painting
a watercolor portrait using traditional watercolor concepts
translated for Painter.

Topics covered in this issue include:

*What makes a photo a good candidate to be
turned into a watercolor painting
*How to choose a color scheme
*What are the characteristics of a watercolor painting
*How to create watercolor effects in Painter
*How to use selections as masks
*How to use the Digital Watercolor variants
*How to use Tracing Paper
*How to paint eyes
*How to paint noses
*How to paint lips
*How to paint hair
*How to add a figure to a background
*How to edit the background's lighting
*Start-to-finish workflow steps

All the interim images are provided alongside the written step-by-step
instructions within the Acrobat file.

Click the thumbnail to see a larger version of the image.

Painting by Karen Sperling from a photo by David Derex.

Backdrop from the Artistry Backdrops Volume 3 CD

Each Issue of Artistry Tips and Tricks is a Painter Class

Hi Karen,

I print out all of your Tips and Tricks Newsletters and find
them immensely helpful to me in my learning stages of Painter.

This one is no exception.

Jan Kunz is one of my favorite portrait artists, and to see how
to use her principles with Painter is just a treat for me!

Mostly I paint portraits using digital oils, which I'm comfortable
with. But I also love the watercolor effects on faces.

Now I have some great guidance.

Karen, you may certainly use any or all my words to help others
understand what your "newsletter" is all about.

I suppose there is always some risk when you subscribe without
knowing exactly what you'll be getting.

But your tutorials are so much more than a newsletter; each one
is a whole class of instruction within its 30-40 some pages.

And after the first couple issues I realized I'd be sticking around.

So THANK YOU! with all my voice!

Barb Hartsook

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