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July 2007 Artistry Tips and Tricks

Painting by Birgit O'Connor using traditional watercolors

Painting by Karen Sperling using Corel Painter

The July 2007 issue of Artistry Tips and Tricks features
step-by-step instructions for painting landscapes both from
scratch and from photos in Painter using traditional watercolor

For the July 2007 issue, original Painter expert Karen Sperling
(she wrote the first several Painter manuals) painted one of
traditional artist Birgit O'Connor's watercolor paintings by
watching her video and following the steps using Painter
instead of traditional watercolors.

The above images show the results.

The top image is the one featured on Birgit's video. The one
below it is what Karen painted from scratch in Painter by
following Birgit's tape.

The July 2007 Artistry Tips and Tricks contains Karen's written
step-by-step instructions for painting Birgit's watercolor in Painter,
along with interim images.

The tutorials also have Birgit's expert watercolor advice
about traditional watercolor techniques such as washes and
wet-into-wet painting.

These steps clear up all the questions you have about watercolor
techniques and how to accomplish them in Painter.

Both Birgit and Karen's steps are clear and easy to follow,
and you don't have to be intimidated about not having prior art
experience. If you want to paint watercolor paintings from scratch
in Painter, then you'll enjoy the July 2007 Artistry Tips and Tricks.

You'll also enjoy the July 2007 Artistry Tips and Tricks if you want
to turn photographs into watercolor paintings.

Photo and painting by Karen Sperling

The July 2007 Artistry Tips and Tricks shows photographers
how to apply Birgit O'Connor's watercolor techniques to turning
landscape photos into watercolors in Painter.

Topics covered in this issue include:

*How to know what to paint from a photo
*How to choose colors
*How to use Painter's watercolor brushes
*How to use layers
*How to use the cloner brushes
*How to edit and erase
*How to use Tracing Paper
*Start-to-finish workflow steps

All the interim images are provided alongside the written step-by-step
instructions within the Acrobat file.

Birgit O'Connor's Review

This past year I have been fortunate to meet
Karen Sperling, Computer Wizard Extraordinaire.

It is simply amazing how she is able to handle the
Painter program and all the tools.

She has been able to create wonderful computer-
generated paintings.

For myself as a watercolorist, I have been surprised
to see how she has been able to use the tools in Painter
to reproduce a watercolor painting.

Karen has been able to accomplish and cross the bridge
from a technical image into one that has something from
the heart. That little extra.

When I saw Karen's painting of the dock and houses, I thought
wow, she was able to achieve a mystical dream quality to her
piece similar to my atmospheric landscapes.

I think anybody working with the computer and using Painter
will enjoy Karen's tutorial.

Birgit O'Connor

More Reviews

Birgit O'Connor's Web Site

Visit Birgit O'Connor's Web Site to see her
beautiful traditional watercolor paintings and
to order her traditional watercolor instructional tapes.

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