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July 2005 Artistry Tips and Tricks

Terrific issue, Karen.

It's your accustomed blend of method, inspiration and sheer

Painter, for all its increasing similarity to Photoshop (which I
welcome, BTW) can still be a stubborn beast at times, with obvious
tasks requiring less-than-obvious means to accomplish.

Your tutorials are a saddle and reins for this digital bronco!

Love the stuff on water and foam, and I really enjoy the
expressionistic, bold look a lot of your paintings are showing.

The piece on rotating a layer will be particularly advantageous
to experimental Painter pilots working in abstract forms,
and should not be missed.

It's a real feast.


Bobbo Goldberg

Topics Covered

The July 2005 issue of Artistry Tips and Tricks features step-by-step tutorials
for painting landscapes.

The steps show turning photos into paintings, however, all the techniques may be
used when painting from scratch in Painter as well.

All the interim images are provided in addition to detailed step-by-step instructions.

The steps in this issue apply to all versions of Painter, including
Painter IX, Painter IX.5 and Painter X.

Below are the topics included in the issue.

Click on the thumbnails to see bigger versions of the images.

How to paint a seascape.

How to add information in a painting that is missing in the photo.

How to paint clouds.

How to paint foam.

How to paint water.

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