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December 2005 Artistry Tips and Tricks

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The December 2005 issue of Artistry Tips and Tricks features step-by-step tutorials
for turning photos into paintings in Corel Painter.

"This Lane Ends," (left) and "Bike Lane Ends" by Karen Sperling featured in the
December 2005 issue of Artistry Tips and Tricks

The December Artistry Tips and Tricks newsletter is a bit unusual.
It shows you how I did two paintings as "art"--that is, I painted them
to express my thoughts and feelings rather than as commissions
or in answer to Painter questions.

Called "Bike Lane Ends" and "This Lane Ends," they are the first
two paintings I plan to do in a series called "Signs of the Times."

The subject interests me because I like the surrealists and the
way they mess with your perceptions. My sign paintings are
visual puns.

In "Bike Lane Ends," the rider is ending along with the bike lane
as he passes the sign.

In "This Lane Ends," the guys are the same shapes as their
lanes in the sign, also, the younger guy is in spring colors as
he heads toward the sign and the older guy is in fall colors as
he passes the sign and his lane ends.

What also interests me about all this is that at first these
paintings' subjects seem pessimistic, I'm talking about things

But actually they're about enjoying the ride while you can,
all good things do come to an end, but we can have fun in the process.

I like the idea of holding more than one aspect of an issue
in your head, I see most things as shades of gray rather
than black and white, many sided rather than straightforward
one way or the other.

So that's the thinking behind these paintings.

As far as tutorials, there's a ton of information explaining
how I created the paintings from photos, including:

*Collaging photos to be turned into paintings in Painter
using layers and cloners
*Choosing colors based on the color wheel and traditional
art concepts
*Time saving painting tips like creating and applying gradients
*Using Painter's brushes for oil effects
*Painting water, horizons and skies
*Isolating and selecting figures
*Painting hair and faces
*Painting clothing
*Painting transparency in layers
*Painting in the layer mask
*Photo retouching in Painter
*Working with layers in Painter
*Using Painter's Tracing Paper and cloners

The tutorials include both the art concepts and Painter tools you'll need to know.

The steps show turning photos into paintings, however, all the techniques may be
used when painting from scratch in Painter as well.

All the interim images are provided in the Acrobat file
alongside the written step-by-step instructions.

The steps in this issue apply to all versions of Painter, including
Painter IX, Painter IX.5 and Painter X.

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