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Artistry Painting for Photographers Tutorials

Photographers are offering painted portraits as a deluxe item to their clients.

The Artistry Painting for Photographers tutorials show you the basics for turning photos into paintings in Painter, including Painter's layers and cloning tools.

The Artistry Painting for Photographers Tutorials are for you if you want a quick start for learning some Painter techniques.

The Artistry tutorials are Acrobat files with written steps and illustrations.

They aren't movies or DVDs.

You follow them like reading magazine articles or book chapters.

Here's what's covered in the Artistry Painting for Photographers Tutorials.

The tutorials include all the interim steps and images.

Oil-Painted Portraits in Painter

Painting by Karen Sperling from a photo by Scott Stulberg

Photographers know that they can turn photographs into oil paintings with Painter, but they wonder why their paintings come out looking like photographs. The answer has to do with knowing some basic art concepts in addition to knowing which Painter tools to use.

In this tutorial you'll find both.

Some of the concepts and tools covered in the tutorial include:

* Creating the underpainting;
* Identifying lights and shadows;
* Using cloning and tracing paper;
* Knowing what brushes to use;
* Editing brushes to get the exact effect you want;
* The secrets for getting a painterly vs. a photographic painting.

You don't need an art background to do this tutorial.

If you're a photographer looking for tips about what makes a cloned photo look like a painting, this tutorial is for you.

Painting Watercolor/Gouache Landscapes in Painter

Photo and Painting by Karen Sperling

In this tutorial you'll see the steps for turning photos into watercolor/gouache (opaque watercolor) landscapes in Painter.

Included are all those Painter techniques you always wondered about including cloning, tracing paper and layers, in addition to art techniques such as underpaintings and complementary colors.

This tutorial will help you get a painterly effect for your photographs, even if you don't think this particular painting is your "style."

Learning techniques in a tutorial is like studying a language.

When you learn a new language, you learn examples of how the foreign words are used so that you can form your own sentences with them.

It's the same thing with Painter tutorials.

You may never want to paint a painting of a pink and green restaurant.

But the techniques described in this tutorial are the words that you can apply in any Painter sentence.

You'll see how to turn a photograph into a painting and you will be able to apply the techniques to your own photographs.

Some of the topics covered in this tutorial include:

* Cropping
* Preliminary pencil sketches
* Using Painter's Tracing Paper
* Cloning and cloners, both from one image to another and within one image
* Composing your image
* Editing and creating brush variants
* Painting value paintings and creating and working with Color Sets
* Getting watercolor and gouache effects
* Painting details, cleaning up images and rearranging things using selections and layers
* Adding paper textures

Painting Oil-painted Backgrounds for Portraits

Photos by Scott Stulberg, painted background by Karen Sperling.

Sometimes painting the background and keeping the portrait as a photo is an effective way to get a painterly effect for portraits.

Photographers say that this is the kind of painting they sell most to their clients, where the face is a photo and the background is a painting.

In this tutorial are steps for painting an oil painting from a photo as a background and then adding a photo portrait to it.

Some of the topics covered in this tutorial include:

* Using Tracing Paper
* Using Painter's brushes to create oil painting effects
* Using Painter's layers to composite images

Painting from Composited Photos in Painter

Photo and Painting by Karen Sperling

This tutorial shows how to composite several photos in Painter and then how to turn the result into a painting.

Adding Painterly Effects using Painter's Digital Watercolors

Photo by Scott Stulberg, painted effects by Karen Sperling

Click the thumbnail to see large versions of the photo before and after being painted.

The Artistry Painting for Photographers Tutorials tutorials were written for Painter version IX, but are compatible with version X and 11--the interface hasn't changed, and the basic tools and brushes are the same. Some of the brushes might behave a little differently in the newer versions, and Painter X and 11 have even more tools than Painter IX, but these tutorials offer great information for painting photos in Painter IX, X and 11!

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