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Karen Sperling's Painting for Photographers Video Tutorials

Volume 1: Portraits, Corel Painter

Karen Sperling's Painting for Photographers Volume 1 video tutorials show you the art lessons and Corel Painter brushes, tools and techniques for turning photos of adults into paintings in a classic, formal, Rembrandt-esque style.

Volume 1 also has easy-to-follow step-by-step details for harnessing the power of Painter's versatile image hose tools that let you paint multiple images as a steady stream from your brush--a real time saver when painting portrait backgrounds.

Included are 112.55 total minutes of tutorial videos covering:
• Art lessons exploring the work of the Great Master portrait artists, including Caravaggio, Vel√°zquez and Rembrandt and how you can incorporate these time-honored techniques into painting your own masterpieces.
• How to decide if a photo is a good candidate to be turned into a painting.
• Selecting and editing selections in Photoshop.
• Choosing color schemes.
• Adjusting tones and colors in Photoshop to prepare the photo to be turned into a painting based on traditional art concepts.
• Setting up Tracing Paper in Painter.
• Painter's Smart Blur.
• How to use Painter's brushes.
• How to use Painter's custom palettes.
• How to work with Painter's clones.
• How to work with Painter's Tracing Paper.
• How to edit Painter's brushes.
• How to paint photos in Painter.
• How to paint eyes based on traditional art theories, including Painter demonstration.
• How to paint lips based on traditional art theories, including Painter demonstration.
• How to paint jewelry based on traditional art theories, including Painter demonstration.
• How to paint clothing based on traditional art theories, including Painter demonstration.
• How to paint furniture based on traditional art theories, including Painter demonstration.
• How to paint flowers and hands based on traditional art theories, including Painter demonstration.
• How to use Karen Sperling's special tips and techniques.
• How to create custom brushes.
• How to use shortcut keys to speed up work.
• How to paint with the image hose.
• How to create great image hose nozzles.
• How to use the versatile image hose for unique portrait backgrounds.
• Start-to-finish workflow steps.
Accompanying the videos are bonus backgrounds and image hose nozzles suitable for both professional photographers and hobbyists to use to enhance their painted portraits.

The Painting for Photographers Portraits Video Tutorials receive rave reviews like these:

Painting for Photographers Portraits Video Tutorials Illustrate Legitimate Use of Image Hose
I am enjoying your videos!
I like the perspective you bring of actually painting on the image and not using clone brushes,
although I do find myself using the cloners along with your techniques to define my own style.
I also enjoyed learning about the Image Hose. Initially I thought it was too gimmicky, but now
I really see a legitimate use for it.
Chris Flierl

Painting for Photographers Portraits Video Tutorials Offer Host of Tips Not Previously Seen
I can paint!
Yes, that’s how much of a difference Karen Sperling’s portraits video tutorials have made to my painting.
The video tutorials are almost like having a Corel Painter master in the room with me, offering a
host of tips I have not previously read about. My portraits are coming to life.
What I also enjoyed about the video tutorials are the references to the ‘Masters’ of old,
the reasons why a certain method is employed. It is also interesting to watch how
a professional artist uses a brush, the direction of the strokes may not sound important,
but you can’t see this in a book.
These video tutorials have brought my portrait painting forward in leaps and bounds, and will continue
to do so for some time to come yet.
Books have taken me so far, these video tutorials have has taken me to the next level.

Loves, Loves, Painting for Photographers Video Tutorials
I have gone through many of the video tutorials. I go back and watch two or three times to understand.
I love, love them. It is so much better than written instruction no matter how good the book or the tip.
Many times when I read an instruction, it takes me awhile to find what the book is talking about and
then guessing how to manipulate the brush or whatever the instruction I am trying to learn.
I was getting nowhere fast and I think I will finally be able to create something.
Watching your demonstrations on the video tutorials is a big leap forward for me."
Terry G.

Painting for Photographers Video Tutorials Loaded with Great Tips and Techniques
The Painting For Photographers video tutorials, like the book, are loaded with a lot of
great tips and techniques for creating hand paintings from your images.
T. Michael Testi, Blog Critics.
Click here to read the whole review.

Painting for Photographers Video Tutorials Offer Best Instruction
Karen's new video tutorials, Painting for Photographers, brought me to a new level.
I have many books and have been studying directions in those books and
in magazines, and never was able to put the tools to work for me effectively,
on my own picture, before I bought the video tutorials. I think the instruction is better
than anything I have seen so far and watching her far surpasses reading.
T. Sita

Learns More with Every Viewing
Hi Karen,
I received your Painting for Photographers video tutorials and I must say
I am learning more every time I open the video tutorials.
I like the idea that you are showing the steps by AUDIO AND VISUAL.
I will be looking forward to more video tutorials.
Thank you,

Appreciates Karen Sperling's Sharing Great Knowledge
Thank you for the Painting for Photographers video tutorials. I have been looking for an
easy way to create my painterly look. Now I know that it takes a little more
time than that. I once again have learned so much from your video tutorials.
What a great knowledge you have and thank you for sharing it. When you are ready
the teacher will appear. Great stuff.
L. Fowler

Painting for Photographers Video Tutorials Offer New Techniques for Real Artistry
I have been working on one of the images that you have in your video tutorials.
The instructions you give in your video tutorials are more than just copy what is
in the photo -I am pleased to find the new techniques for real artistry
in your instructions!
Thanks so much for doing these video tutorials - they are what I have been waiting for!
I have so much to learn, but armed with this instruction, I may just be able
to produce a greater painting.
Best wishes,

Loves Painting for Photographers Video Tutorials
Hi, Karen,
I finally got to review your Painting for Photographers Video Tutorials. This is my first
attempt at using your techniques.
I have never painted a whole image before, only parts mainly the background.
Your Painting for Photographers Video Tutorials have really opened a new world. I really only used the
blenders before, so adding color to an image really takes it a step further.
I love your video tutorials. Not much training on Corel Painter out there.
Thanks for putting out great training videos.
Larry Simpson

The above painting is the subject of the video tutorials covering the art lessons and Corel Painter steps for turning photos into paintings in Painting for Photographers Volume 1: Portraits.

The Painting for Photographers Volume 1 tutorial videos include detailed steps for using Painter's exotic image hose brush, which sprays steams of images in one fell brushstroke.

You can either paint with the bonus nozzles and backgrounds that are part of the video collection, or you can create your own nozzles and paint with them. Included are movies explaining all these alternatives.

You can use the Image Hose for photographic and painterly results.

For example, here's a photographic portrait background painted with the image hose nozzles in the Painting for Photographers Video Tutorials, which also show you how to create your own unique patterns.

Painting by Karen Sperling based on a photo by Kathy Beach.

And here are examples of backgrounds painted with image hose nozzles for more painterly results.

Painting by Karen Sperling based on a photo by Don Ling.

Painting by Karen Sperling based on a photo by Jeff Lubin.

Here are the nine bonus backgrounds included in the Painting for Photographers Video Tutorials.

Paintings by Karen Sperling.

The horizontal backgrounds are 20" x 16" at 300 dpi and can either be resized larger or smaller or cropped for vertical paintings.

The backgrounds are .jpg files readable in Photoshop or Painter. They are full-resolution, professional-quality images. You can edit the colors in Photoshop to fit any portrait, and the bonus tutorial movies show you how.

You may use these backgrounds as backdrops for commercial or personal portraits, you just may not transfer the backgrounds to anyone, including, but not limited to, giving them away, selling them, trading them or leasing them.

You can download a free sample background. This is a smaller file than in the video tutorials--it's 10" x 8" at 200 dpi--but it will give you an idea of the quality of the backgrounds in the video tutorials if you want to use them as is, and the kinds of things you could be painting, if you want to do it yourself!

Click here to access the background, then press control on Mac; right click on Windows, and click on the image and choose "Save to Target" or "Save Image As" to download it to your computer.

Paintings by Karen Sperling.

Here are the bonus nozzles included with the Painting for Photographers video tutorials. There are 14 all together with the video tutorials. Some of these illustrations were created with more than one nozzle.

You can download a nozzle from the video tutorials to sample it. This is a 1.2 meg Painter .rif file.

Click here to download the nozzle.

To use the nozzle, follow these steps:

1. In Painter, choose the Image Hose in the Brush Selector.
2. Click the bottom right-hand icon in the Toolbox to reveal the Nozzle pop-up (in Painter 12 and X3, it's located in Window menu: Media Library Panels: Nozzles).
3. Click the arrow and choose Load Nozzle.
4. Locate the nozzle that you just downloaded and click Open.
5. Paint. Instant flowers!
6. Get the Painting for Photographers Video Tutorials and watch movies showing you all the cool things you can do with the nozzle; get more hand-painted nozzles; and see how to create your own!

Free Issue of Artistry Tips and Tricks

The Painting for Photographers Video Tutorials include a free issue of Karen Sperling's highly acclaimed ezine, Artistry Tips and Tricks, with step-by-step written instructions and illustrations for turning a photo into a painting in Corel Painter.

Painting by Karen Sperling.

Photo by Anita Morrison.

Photo by Karen Sperling.


Karen Sperling uses the same Painter brushes and tools in Painter 12 and X3 as she used in Painter X and 11, but the interface had some slight modifications in Painter 12 and X3, like the above example with the nozzles. The Portraits video tutorials have terrific information, brushes and backdrop textures, and show the interface for Painter X and 11. If you use Painter 12 and X3, you will find the video tutorials helpful, even though they show the interface for previous versions of Painter.

If you go through the Artistry materials for Painter 12 and X3, including the Artistry Beginners tutorials for Painter 12 and X3; the Painting for Photographers for Painter 12 and X3 ebook or printed book; and the Artistry Bonus CD Volume 1, you will have enough information about Painter under your belt to understand the portraits video tutorials.

Many people have ordered the Portraits video tutorials who are using Painter 12 and X3 and haven't had a problem.

Please write to Karen Sperling with questions.

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