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How to Turn Professional Studio Photos into Classic Painted Portraits in Corel Painter

Painting by Karen Sperling based on a photo by Don Ling.

Duration: 31 minutes, 15 seconds

Learn to turn a classic studio photo into a painted portrait in Corel Painter from Karen Sperling, who has been writing about and teaching Painter longer than anyone (she wrote the very first Painter manual!)

This video is particularly useful for professional photographers who are interested in offering paintings based on their photos to their clients. Hobbyists interested in painting their kids and grandkids will also enjoy this video.

Topics covered include:

• How to paint backgrounds
• How to paint faces
• How to paint hair
• How to paint clothing
• Choosing colors
• Setting up a color scheme in Photoshop
• Working with layers and selections in Photoshop
• Working with layers and selections in Painter
• Using Painter's Auto-Painting, Cloning and Tracing Paper tools in Painter
• Choosing brushes in Painter
• Editing brushes in Painter
• Start-to-finish workflow in Painter
• Karen Sperling's unique Painter tips and tricks

Special bonus! When you order this video for Painter, you will receive Karen Sperling's cool new brush that she used to paint the background of this portrait and a color wheel to use along with the video for choosing colors,

Rave Reviews

Karen Sperling's classes, videos and webinars get rave reviews like these:

How to Turn Photos into Paintings in Corel Painter in the
Style of Edgar Degas Video Is Excellent

Hi Karen,
Excellent video!
Once I get the feel for the different steps, I will have some very good paintings.
You did a great job of explaining the how to's of this process.

Karen Sperling's Teaching Style: Relaxed but Structured
I recently attended my second Artistry Retreat! It was a great refresher course in what I learned the first time around, plus I appreciated all the one-on-one feedback on my progress and additional pointers. Karen Sperling's teaching style is relaxed but structured in a way to get anyone on their way to painting beautiful portraits or landscapes!
If you are thinking about taking on Corel Painter, I highly recommend taking one of Karen Sperling's Artistry Retreats to get you started down the right path! Thank you Karen!
Kat Meezan
Focal Instincts Photography

Artistry Retreat Helps with Painting and Clients
I was thinking about your class that I had taken.
It truly has helped me to move on in painting.
I came to your class with a little knowledge and left with so much more.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful techniques and knowledge. You showed things that I have not seen in any other books. I can remember thinking more than once, when you gave a certain tip, that "this is worth the price of admission!"
I left with more confidence, more know how and the desire to paint my way to the top!
I have sold several paintings and enjoyed the look of satisfaction on my clients' faces.
Thanks for helping me get there.
Happy painting,
Austin, Texas

Karen Sperling's Webinar Delivers Deep Insight
Hi Karen,
I've just viewed the Webinar 'Painter Master Karen Sperling's Sorcery for Conjuring Paintings from Photos in Corel Painter 12, X3 and 2015 and I send this message to say 'THANK YOU' for sharing something of your twenty years experience.
The content herein delivers insight deeper than I've found anywhere on the web.
My best wishes to to you :)*

Intro to Painting Faces in Corel Painter Webinar Reviews
"Karen did what a lot of instructors won't do ... share really helpful information about art principles. I have taken quite a few webinar classes and this has been one of the better ones I've taken for the reason she is willing to share artistic information and the whys and wherefores."-Sue Stiltz

"If you want to learn about the amazing program Corel Painter, Karen Sperling's webinars are where you go for the most inspiring and informative information." -Lynda

"Karen is well-versed and knowledgeable and presents the material in a well thought-out manner."-Tim Moore

"Excellent webinar! It was extremely helpful in understanding the fundamentals of Painter. Karen Sperling was very down to earth, had a great sense of humor and provided a solid foundation for participants to continue their exploration of Painter."-Lani

"I was impressed with Karen's teaching technique. She did a great job."-Larry Simpson

"Excellent presentation. It was easy to follow and understand. I would say it was one of the best. Other instructors usually go too fast for me to understand the first time. Karen Sperling is a very good teacher and can give a good understanding of what she is teaching."-Terry Sita

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How to Turn Classic Studio Photos into
Painted Portraits in Corel Painter

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