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Likes Art History
I thought I would drop you a line about how I found you. I think it was on one of the
webinars through Corel Painter. I've been following some of your work and came to love
the style. I like the fact that you have some great knowledge of art history. I myself
took a class in art history and it's about the only book I still have from college.
I majored in Art in high school but never pursued it till now. I guess you can say I'm
returning to my first love.
I think it's great your classes are so affordable and look forward to learning more.
Chuck Morgan

Happy to Find Karen Sperling's Hand-Painted Style
Karen Sperling has the hand-painted style I have been searching for since the beginning of my digital art journey 5 years ago - everything from portraits to landscapes.
Dyan Dupont

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