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Karen Sperling's Books

Who: Professional photographers, hobbyists and artists. Not teachers.
What: Printed and ebook-format books for learning how to turn photographs into paintings in Corel Painter.
Where: The comfort of your own home or studio.
When: Anytime that fits into your schedule.
Why: These books and pdfs are for you if you are a professional photographer who would like to sell paintings
based on your photos to your clients or if you are a hobbyist who is interested in turning your photos
of your children, grandchildren, pets and travels into paintings. These books and pdfs are not for teachers.
How: Learn the art theories and Corel Painter steps for turning portraits, landscapes and pet photos into paintings.
How much: $30 to $40, depending on the publication, not including shipping and handling.
Fine Print: Due to the nature of digital tutorials, there are no refunds or credits.


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Painting for Photographers Volumes 1, 2 and 3 are printed books with art lessons and Corel Painter steps for turning portrait, landscape and composite photos into paintings. All three books are compatible with versions of Corel Painter starting with 12 through 2018 because the interface is the same.

Volume 1 also has a section with information for painting with traditional acrylics and oils on printed canvas. Volume 2 concentrates on children's portraits.

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$119.85 ($39.95 per book, free standard shipping within the U.S.)
California residents: 8.25% tax added

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The Artistry publications are created by original Painter expert and Elite Corel Painter Master Karen Sperling, who wrote the original Painter manuals and whose preface and art are featured in Painter Showcase. She is the author of the bestselling Painting for Photographers book, which covers painting people, pets and landscapes in both Painter and Photoshop, the highly acclaimed Painting for Photographers book Volume 2, which shows how to paint children's portraits in Corel Painter and the brand-new Painting for Photographers book Volume 3, which has state-of-the-art Corel Painter steps and art lessons for turning portrait and landscape photographs into paintings. She also is the producer of the popular Painting for Photographers video tutorials for painting portraits, landscapes and children's portraits in Corel Painter and leads the world-renowned live and in-person Artistry Retreats. She also teaches the popular Artistry Quick Fix Videos, the Artistry Corel Painter Master Class and individual private Corel Painter lessons online and in person.

Corel Corporation has named Karen Sperling a member of the Painter Master Elite program and also a Certified Painter Educator.
According to Corel, "These high profile Painter artists are proven masters of their craft having earned the prestigious Painter Master Elite title from the Painter team for their many years of dedicated service to Corel Painter.
As Painter Master Elite artists, they hold a very special place in our hearts. They continue to inspire new artists and Painter feature innovations while also managing to keep us grounded to our world-renowned realistic natural media roots. We would not be where we are today without them and the world will continue to be inspired by their creations.
Whether you are looking for inspiration to develop your own signature style, wanting to dive into learning the ins and outs of Painter,
or looking for an artist to create work for you, we highly recommend checking out what these very talented artists have to offer."


Artistry is a Certified Corel Training Partner.



Painting for Photographers Volume 1 has received rave reviews!

Painting for Photographers Rocks!
As a professional photographer, I had been searching how
to add painting touches to my photographic images. Two other
books were not very helpful.
Karen Sperling’s Painting for Photographers book is awesome!
Karen not only teaches how to use Corel Painter, but she also
explains the theories of actual painting as taught in art schools.
In short, this book rocks!
Jack P. Carey

You must have this book.-Phillip Stewart Charis
My work has been associated with classic paintings for years.
Now yours can be, also!
Painting for Photographers will help photographers greatly
to create classic portraits into classic paintings.
You must have this book.
It is the answer to making your work unique and exciting and
worth more money.
Everyone knows that paintings are classic and expensive.
This is your chance to elevate your work.
Painting for Photographers offers the tools and instruction
to turn your photographs into paintings.
It’s never been easier to make your work uniquely yours
than with this great book.
Phillip Stewart Charis

Painting for Photographers is Wonderful
Thank you for such a wonderful book.
I have been using Painter for a couple of years now,
but have not been happy with the results.
I purchased most of the Painter books and found out they were
big on explaining how Painter works, but not big on
how to complete a successful painting.
Your book explains the details of Painter while teaching
the details of painting–a rare combination in the
Painter Book World!
As soon as your book gets out in the public and they realize how
successfully you can teach, you will have a best seller.
Thank you for a great book and for enhancing my
learning experience.

Painting for Photographers Volume 2 receives rave reviews like these:


Painting for Photographers Volume 2 Is Beautifully Done and a Great Help
This is the second book by Karen Sperling I've purchased. I'm a photographer and want to take my images to a new level of creative expression.
This book is beautifully done and a great help in reaching that goal.
Painting For Photographers 2 gives you in depth step-by-step techniques for painting children's portraits from photos in Corel Painter. This volume covers the art of beautiful portraiture, beginning to end. Even if your are not a Corel Painter user, this book gives you a look into the heart and soul of painting and portraiture.
Very enjoyable!
A number of years ago, I tried using an older version of Corel Painter software and found it overwhelming. Now with the new Corel Painter and Karen Sperling's books, I have a better understanding of the software and I get painting results I'm happy to save and print.
This book is a very good buy.


Highly Recommends Painting for Photographers Volume 2
I just received this book and have already found it to be very resourceful--a must for Corel Painter Artists, especially if you work from or with photographs.
Many Painter books go too much into everything, where Painting for Photographers Volume 2 sticks to what you really need to know, with amazing reference images.
I have been working on portraits with Painter and had successful results, though I am now looking forward to working with the techniques in this book to further enrich my images.
Highly recommend this book for beginners or professionals.
Paul Adams

Painting for Photographers Volume 2 Easy to Follow
The art lessons and step-by-step instructions for turning children’s photos into paintings using Corel Painter make Painting for Photographers Volume 2 so incredibly unique. Visually, the book is absolutely breathtaking. The design and layout are absolutely gorgeous and it is one of the best books on using software that I have ever seen! I love the beautiful fonts and the images that Karen created are stunning.
I really cannot say enough about what an amazing job Karen did with Painting for Photographers Volume 2 as it is so easy to follow and shows so many different variations to create paintings from photographs. Each chapter is unique and can turn anyone into an artist! Karen really is a magician and I know that no one else can really explain the intricacies of this unbelievable painting program like Karen.
Scott Stulberg, excerpted from the Painting for Photographers Volume 2 Foreword

Readers give Painting for Photographers Volume 3 across-the-board rave reviews like this:

Painting for Photographers Volume 3 Offers Excellent Instruction
Gardening has taken me away from painting for a while. I hope to get back to it soon. Karen Sperling's work and excellent instruction inspire me to do so. I like how she numbers steps in the process rather than everything jumbled in a paragraph. It's easy to follow and the artist can get right to work. Even an experienced painter has much to learn from Karen Sperling. Her clear teaching style leaves no questions - just pick up your brush and follow along.
Linda Austin

Painting for Photographers Volume 3 Useful and Easy to Understand
I have lots of books and manuals for Photoshop and Painter including Painting for Photographers volumes 1, 2  and 3.. Of all of these books I use your Painting for Photographers books the most.
They are the most user friendly and don't assume you are so experienced with previous Painter and Photoshop knowledge. Even though I have used Photoshop since 1995 and Corel Painter since version 9, I still find your instructions very useful and easy to understand and I reference them often.
My digital painting skills keep improving with each new project.
I have also downloaded some of your brushes and plan to get some more. I have built some of my own brushes, but getting them like you want can be challenging and your brushes are usually what I am trying to get and they work great. For the low price it saves me time, trial and effort.
Rick Church

Absolutely Wonderful
Hi Karen,
Painting for Photographers Volume 3 is absolutely wonderful. It's very easy for me to understand, has
good explanations and is really very easy to work with when you follow
the instructions.
Thank you very much--I hope I soon can have a good job with what I like to do.

Karen Sperling crowdfunded the creation of Painting for Photographers Volume 3. Here's what some of the supporters say:

Proud to Support Karen Sperling's Work
I'm looking forward to a great and interesting book like your two previous.
I'm proud to support your work.
Jacqueline Ladent

Karen Sperling Talented Artist and Teacher
Anticipating Karen Sperling's new book Painting for Photographers Volume 3.
She is a very talented artist and teacher. You could not ask for better comprehensive lessons using Corel Painter!
I have learned so much from her about the program itself along with fundamental art lessons. I was more than happy to help with supporting the book.
Elizabeth McEachron

Wonderful Paintings and Table of Contents
Dear Karen,
This book will be without any doubt a great success.
Happy writing and kind regards,
Aad Bravenboer

Karen Sperling Makes the Complex Easy
Dear Karen,
I'm glad to have the opportunity to support your work with this little pledge toward Painting for Photographers Volume 3.
Your two previous Painting for Photographers books were both excellent and I found in them not only much information about Corel Painter and how to transform my best photos into paintings that look like real paintings, but also the self-confidence I needed to begin with this complex software that is Painter.
You know how to make easy that which is complex and I thank you for that. Your intention is not only talking about technical issues, but you also approach artistic rules to make a good painting and your work shows it.
I am also enjoying your portrait, landscapes and children's portraits videos and brushes.
I'm a great fan !!! and I look forward to reading your Painting for Photographers Volume 3 with new information for the new features of Painter 2015 and Painter 2016.
Sincerely Yours,
Jacqueline LADENT, a French admirer

Karen Sperling Makes Corel Painter Easy to Learn and Use
I am very excited to have the opportunity to support Karen's new book! She knows Painter very well--she wrote the original manual, plus she is an excellent writer and teacher!
Painter is a wonderful but complex program and Karen makes it easy to learn and use and obtain professional results right away. I met her online several years ago because I bought one of her books in a bookstore when I was ready to give up and quit trying to learn to use Painter 9. Thanks to Karen and her book, my frustration with Painter disappeared so I could enjoy painting in it in my spare time.
Now that I am disabled with a cognitive disorder and need well written and easy to use references to be able to paint again, I am thrilled to know Karen is writing a book covering the latest version. Painter 2015 and Painter 2016 has significantly changed compared to the last 3 or 4 versions and I was not able to keep current in using it due to my health issues.
I am looking forward to having Karen's new book in print at my desk to help me to navigate the changes!
Thank you so much, Karen, for writing this book!!!
Barbara Burns

Karen Sperling's Training Materials Are First-Rate
I am delighted that Karen is writing a third book to help photographers learn to turn selected photographs into paintings in Corel Painter.
I gladly supported Karen in writing this book because I know from Karen's earlier books and from the online class I took that her training materials are first-rate and that I will benefit greatly from the new book.
Perry Price

Pledging Support for Painting for Photographers Volume 3 Was Win-Win
Why I decided to support the book: I recently upgraded from Painter 12 to Painter 2015 and Painter 2016 and I was looking for a book that covered the features of Painter 2015 and Painter 2016. Reading all the positive posts about the previous books and since I was wanting to try an Artistry online class, it was a win win to pledge for the book!
Anna Meidinger

Excited to Support Painting for Photographers Volume 3
Am so excited to be able to support your writing of Painting for Photographers Volume 3! Can't wait to start receiving the PDFs and beginning my own journey of artistic discovery with your help.

Didn't Even Have to Think about Supporting Painting for Photographers Volume 3
I liked the Artistry online classes and the video tutorials, so I knew I had to have the books. The books are a great asset to fall back on after finishing the courses.
After receiving the first two books I knew I also wanted Vol 3.
For me, I didn't even have to think about it.
Mack Gray

Happy to Support Karen Sperling's Efforts
I have been a long-time fan of Karen Sperling's work. I have her previous books and Karen’s online classes are great therapy! I was happy to hear that she is working on Painting for Photographers Volume 3 and I was happy to enroll in a new Artistry online class to support her efforts.
If you are looking to venture into something new and fun, taking Karen’s classes in Corel Painter is the place to be. Even if you don’t think you have talent or can paint, just try a class and Karen will help you get started. And it will also help to get Painting for Photographers Volume 3 published!
Mary Darling

Enjoys Learning Art Theories in Addition to Painter Steps
A couple of years ago, I started painting with Photoshop and that’s how I bought Karen’s first Painting for Photographers book. Long story short, after buying that book I started painting with Painter using techniques learned both from that book and from other sources. Recently, I’ve been learning from Karen’s video tutorials, which are excellent, and I’ve been using the first book to supplement them.
As Painter versions change, authors like Karen do their best to keep up. Karen has already released Artistry online classes for the new versions of Painter, so I am confident Painting for Photographers Volume 3 will be exactly what I want to supplement her online classes.
I mostly enjoy how Karen applies art theory to learning how to turn photos into paintings in Corel Painter and teaches it so well.
Cheryl Marland

Looking Forward to Artistry Online Class and Painting for Photographers Volume 3
I have spent a long time looking for the right class on how to turn photos into paintings. After much research I chose Karen Sperling's Artistry online class, How to Turn Photos into Impressionistic Paintings. I am looking forward to starting this class.
I am looking forward to learning all the latest techniques in Karen's new book.
Zelma Hensel

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